Best Defect Award Group 3

  1. A nice replacement for a fence post!

  1. Hang in there…

  1. It’s time to empty the bucket again… don’t flush 'till I’m done!

  1. If it’s good enough for a plumbing vent… it ought to work as an attic vent also!

  1. We ain’t never had no water in the basement… no sir!

  1. HVAC rocks!

  1. Hey! It passed code! (I think…)

  1. Landlord ready and priced to sell!

  1. Picturesque view from the master suite!

  1. Recently upgraded “green” roof!

Congratulations to Patrick Bolliger for the nice bucket and drain photo!

Patrick, please contact Nick for your prize! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Patrick and thanks for participating in the Best Defects Award and let us know what goodies Nick will send you. :):smiley:

Thanks Guys for all your hard work on this awards board…

Good thing I not could transfer the “stink” with this photo…:smiley:

Actually, I think I got a whiff of it the first time I saw it. :mrgreen::slight_smile:


Got some great stuff. Books, (more Learn’in) INACHI wear, testers!

Post them pics inspectors… Some pain inspecting… can get ya some cool inspector stuff!