Best Defect Exterior (Pictures/Contestants Needed)

I know, :roll:

That’s the same builder who accused me of damaging the shingles when I was on the roof because it was too hot.

I told him he needed to get some workers with a clue. Not only was I on the roof at 9:00 before it was too hot, but I wore protective neoprene boots, and took pictures of the damage in front of me as I went.

Still need some more pics


That first one isn’t a defect, that’s a filter ain’t it?:wink:

I drive past that house about every week, hasn’t sold yet, and doesn’t look as if anything has been done to it. (Not vacant) Surprisingly hasn’t burnt down yet. (Gas fueled dryer). :shock:

High $ view/waterfront property…just relax and enjoy the view. :shock:

Hmmm [640x480].jpg

Still need a few more pictures

Still need a few more pics


I think Brian is still looking for a few more pics guys. Brian, tell them what fabulous prize they could be elegible for.

The prize is a case of books…

Termite super highway and chimney fun (the last one is a stack of bricks perched on top of the roof decking - the real nightmare is what’s below)

Nice grill!

Chuck did you smoke some Mullet on that grill during your inspection ?

Oh my, nice pics Chuck… If you wanted to chose one, which one would it be???

My track record isn’t so good. You choose whichever one you like - Thanks

I love the grill Chuck… :smiley: :smiley: I cna not stop laughing… I probably would have had to sit down on that roof to keep from falling off… :smiley:

Or went and got a pack of hot dogs.

Ba dum bum bump…