Best Defect Exterior (Pictures/Contestants Needed)

Still need a few more pics


I think Brian is still looking for a few more pics guys. Brian, tell them what fabulous prize they could be elegible for.

The prize is a case of books…

Termite super highway and chimney fun (the last one is a stack of bricks perched on top of the roof decking - the real nightmare is what’s below)

Nice grill!

Chuck did you smoke some Mullet on that grill during your inspection ?

Oh my, nice pics Chuck… If you wanted to chose one, which one would it be???

My track record isn’t so good. You choose whichever one you like - Thanks

I love the grill Chuck… :smiley: :smiley: I cna not stop laughing… I probably would have had to sit down on that roof to keep from falling off… :smiley:

Or went and got a pack of hot dogs.

Ba dum bum bump…

So just how waterproof is a meter socket anyway? 30 minutes earlier it was Niagra Falls draining onto it! (Not to mention everything else).

Three story mixed use commercial/apartment bldg. The only downspout I was able to locate.

This one had poured foundation walls, but the back one leaned in about 45 deg. So much for proper drainage. The floor was so uneven the woman renting the house had a 2x4 under one side of the fridge to keep it level. :mrgreen:

I think Brian might still be looking for a few more pics.





Professional chimney repair

Wow BK, I think you have enough for a poll now.

Good to hear from you Barry!