Best defect group 6!!!

At least it’s half way flashed…

Joist hangers available from the dime store…

I’m confused now…

Gutter or baked potato?

Agent says I’m too picky…

How hot can we get it?

There… that ought to hold it!

And yet another use for roofing nails!

Is that all you got???

Are we hunting, fishing, or swimming today?

looks like I voted with the majority, but You gotta love that swimming pool…man kids could have fun in there…

Just needs a little cleaning and ready to party. :slight_smile:

Come on folks, lets vote.
Album 7 is in the making and will be coming out soon.

I need more pics for album 8.


Get out and vote!

winner gets a case of books!!! :slight_smile:

Wow! a whole case, that is great and worth playing for the best defect award.
I need more pictures for album #8. Where are they guys. ???:):smiley:

Marcel, is there a sepaarate thread for album #8?

Greg, any pictures you want to submit, post them on this thread.

Place your votes now, only a few days left.
Group 7 coming up In March. :):smiley:

For those that are not sure where to submit their defect photos, place them here on this thread-
Thanks to all that contribute pictures. :):smiley:

My apologies for having not recognized this groups winner…

There… that ought to hold it!

Congratulations Sean Fogarty!!!

Please contact Nick with your mailing information and NACHI ID for your prize… let him know you were the winner for the Best Defect Award group 6

Thanks again for all who participated and submitted nominations!

Well done Sean…Congratuations…Nice Prize…

Yes Yes.

Brown Nose lol