Best Defect Picture Poll for September

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Quadruple tap followed by a double tap. Time to buy a couple of breakers.
This was in a Commercial Property (Church)
This doesn’t include there were different brands of breakers in the panel.
Drew Levey

Thomas Hession
Not sure if it’s the best or even unique but you gotta love the obvious.
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John Gromkoski The plastic vent hoses for the adjacent hall and master baths were taped together in the attic connecting the two bath fans. Best part is the roof jacks were RIGHT THERE! :eek:
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Marcel Gratton
Washer drain pipe connection, house on septic washer in basement…
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Randy Mayyo
In southern Missouri you get what you pay for…

Tried one end, left his jack and never came back.
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Peter Russell
Never mind that fact the oil tanks are sitting in water…

How much does it cost to heat this house!!!
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Mike Auger
This was an Insurance inspection, so no need to get closer than the ground for a pic. But there are 4 distinct colors (repairs) to this roof. Time to just replace it, I think. Both sides look similar.
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Rick Strand
My best guess is that the adjacent trees caused the damage to this chimney.
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Ron Cleland
The porch has a “small” structural problem!!!
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John Scaparo
Multiply deck defects with structural supports. Most posts were over cut and support joists were attached by nailed
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Craig Adams
Anyone got a large shim… I love it. Ha! Ha!

This bathroom was freshly refinished, the proud owner/renovator was tagging along during the inspection.

You can get the glass door open enough to get in the tub, as long as you are on top of your diet.

Be careful not to smash the door too too hard off the faux marble vanity counter top, even safety glass has it’s limits.
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Had to post three pictures as one does not explain the issue. The main floor was sagging and they could not figure out why. They called me to look at the home(2010 build). The floor trusses have been modified to fit over(top hung) over the 3ply 2X10 beam that is fully supported on the modified truss joist on either end. Farther down the beam they must have realized that they screwed up royal as they added a second telepost beside the first one. Problem with those is that there is likely no footing under either of them as they were sitting on the floor and the concrete is cracked and settled under them.:shock::shock:
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John Shishilla
Here you go. One outlet to power another.
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Eric Van De Ven
This one is even nicer…gold plated!

Marcel, why does #14 have two seperate issues?

I have no idea what you mean. :neutral:;):slight_smile:

Hey now! You messin’ wit me agin??? :eek:

And… just for conversation… but… are we now recommending roof replacements because we don’t like the color palette??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not me, who is saying that?:slight_smile:


Hey, they post em’, I paste em’,

I guess that one won’t get your vote EH! :mrgreen:

I haven’t decided yet.

I’m also torn with the dual oil tanks.

The poster tells us to “Never mind that fact the oil tanks are sitting in water…”

He seems more concerned with “How much does it cost to heat this house!!!”

Such a dilemma! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Btw… just trying to liven things up a bit around here. These threads seem to be losing interest again.

C’mon guys!!! Voice some opinions about the finalists!!!

Let’s get a discussion going and perhaps learn something here!!!

Vote for #13! What you can not see in the picture; the current flows from the outlet on the right to the outlet on the left. Then it travels up through the wall and to a ceiling fan.


13 was obvious. LOL. 12 is clearly the winner here!!

great pictures…

More votes are welcome. :slight_smile:

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Contributions made by Nick Gromicko.

"Now that you’ve had a HOME inspection…" Book


Am I still eligible?

Yes John.

If someone in the Committee wants to continue this Defect Award, it is possible.

I feel like I am fighting City Hall asking for participation.

That is because they know I have the best defect picture!:wink:

Who in their right mind powers an outlet from another outlet with a Lamp cord!

Really it should have been at least a 10AWG extention cord!