Best Education Path to Home Inspection

Hello all,
I am considering getting into home inspection and would like everyone’s opinion on the best path to become certified in the state of Texas.

This website looks like an excellent source of information including professionals with years of experience.

I retire from the military in 6 months so I have some time to study and do online courses in preparation for the state exam.

I’m not opposed to taking the three tiered approach.

Any advice you all can give me would be much appreciated.

Jason, Not trying to be a downer. Nor am I trying to cut you out of the pie. You might want to reconsider. This is not some big money making venture. All businesses have liabilities, but this one seems to have more than it’s “fair” share.

Don’t take my word on it. Read the “Legal” thread on Texas law. If I knew back when I started school what I now know, I would not have picked home inspection. I enjoy it, but people are sue-happy.

Bruce in East Texas

Please read this section for much information.