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It is hard to believe that anyone can say the your house is safe and meets all NEC requirement when the experts even say that there is no house that meets that criteria.

Home inspectors beware of what you say or write!

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Larry, I have heard Mike H say this in person. He is simply saying that there is always a risk when electric is supplied to a building. The degree of risk varies even in a code compliant installation. The only way to eliminate the danger is to not have electric supplied,


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Also he is saying that home inspectors can, and do, make comments, after electrical inspections, that can’t possibly be true for the complete house e.g. “oh, yes miss, your house is safe and meets all NEC codes regarding all the electrical system”.

Granted, if they are inspecting a single box or cabinet, they can say that and it may be true…but, not the whole house.


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The inspector deserved to be sued. Wannabe code inspectors are the bane of the home inspection industry.


This is why its advantageous to the Home Inspector to have State Licensing. (not that that can’t be terrible too if done wrong) Maryland Statute requires a statement included with the home inspection that specifies the inspection limitations. §16-4A-01

'course if the Home Inspector is going to “promise the moon” in writing no less…there could be a problem.

If you provide ANY service for money - CYA!

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Licensing does not benefit anyone but the government entity issuing the license. It is a money grab ostensibly intended to protect the public, it does no such thing. Licensing hurts inspectors, especially good inspectors.

The real problem is that home inspectors have become like shopping mall security guards. That is, there are too many are cop wannabes.

States that have licensing have SoPs but inspectors who don’t understand the nature and purpose of an SoP go around pretending to be something they are not.