Best Home Furrnace Brand?

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I come up to this question because a friend of mind is facing a problem in her home furnace purchase, she wants to have the best brand of home furance for her home and the thing I suggested to her is first consider her home size, she must choose a home furnace that will fits to the home to ensure the quality of indoor air circulation. Largest manufacturers of home furance are Trane, Carrier, Lennox, and Rheem. So I would toa sk your opinion and suggestion which will be best to buy? Any suggestion and idea will be highly considered. Thanks in advance I know it will be a big help for her.:slight_smile:

Personally speaking, after 2 dog units in a row from Lennox along with poor customer service, I will not be purchasing or recommending their products any longer.

Trane, Carrier would be one of my choices . I consider Rheem mid range, Goodman low range.

The brand is not as important as the type lQQk into a multi-stage and a variable speed high efficient furnace.
IMO Armstrong air is the best bang for the buck.

The Denver chapter had a class by the nations combustion chamber/furnace expert. He goes arond the country giving classes to HVAC guys on what to look for. He stated that in his opinion the best furnace out there wa Amana (owned by Goodman). Just his 2 cents.

Thanks for all the help, you all have great opinions and suggestion. I will let her read your comments,hope to have some more suggestions for better comparison. Thanks :slight_smile:

The “best” furnace wouldn’t be “best” if it were improperly installed.

The “worst furnace” could be best if properly installed.

It’s not the equipment that’s important–it’s the installer.

I have found Lennox to be good equipment–if properly installed.

I had so few problems with Lennox that I couldn’t attest to the quality of customer service. Fortunately, I never had to use it.

I used to think Lennox was great. My first one was trouble free. Two in a row were crap units. Nothing to do with the install, the actual units both had failing parts. Evidently their quality control was sent overseas. And their customer service was even worse. The attitude was, we have your money, good bye. NEVER AGAIN.

Check out this site.

The best brand in the world … if there really is such a thing … can be neutralized and rendered totally insufficient when it is not properly sized and distributed through a balanced system into a living space that is poorly sealed and insulated.

My advice is to find a reputable HVAC professional who knows how and regularly uses Manual “J” and Manual “D” calculations to size and distribute a heating and cooling system. Reject any contractor who can tell you over the telephone or goes by square footage of your home to size your equipment.

Once you have identified such a professional … go by his recommendation for the best brand that is suitable for your home. I think you will be much more satisfied.

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I have a Rheem that is 26 years old. One part of any good system is routine maintenance.

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