Best Inspection Vehicle

Agreed Frank, I do construction work too, always have, always will. Its pretty neat to be able to load 4x8 sheets of drywall in the van face down or on its side, still load up the shelves with tools and have it all locked up and out of sight.

That’s also what I like about the C/V, it has an 8’ cargo area.

I use a Toyota Tacoma for my inspections. Best of both worlds for me, has better gas mileage than the full size trucks, but it isn’t a car, mini-van or SUV either. I own a lot of rental properties and need a truck to haul material, equipment, tools and about everything else you can think of. I own several trailers and need something to pull them. I use the back seat for all my inspection tools and the ladders all fit in the back. In my opinion, the mid-size truck is pretty close to the perfect inspection/multi-use vehicle money can buy.

Here is the best inspection vehicle. Just picked it up today.

Hi David, your Facebook don’t seem to work.

I guess my link didn’t work. Here is a picture of my new truck. I have a topper on order also.
New Truck.jpg

Am on my second transit connect. I go 50,000 miles per year . This guy gets 30 mpg. I really should have all wheel drive but had to give it up for the mileage.

203 GMS 2500, a bit big for HI. Little giant ladder fits in the bed, slides under the tool box. Gas mileage sucks, Id get the 1500. The only reason I have this 15 mpg beast is to bail out mom, she cosigned a loan for my idiot brother, he never paid, I took it off her hands.

Reliable, 4wd, looks nice…

I got my windows done, augmented by InterNACHI stickers. :slight_smile:

Saturn Vue small-SUV. Big enough to carry ladders, tools, and camera, but small enough to get decent gas milage.

Hmm…the back window looks a little out of level.

My Titan little giant ladder fits perfectly in my older expedition. Everything electrical stays warm and dry. No outside racks for ladders or extra equipment. Took 3rd seat out (I’m not a taxi) and presto…

I love my Honda Element.

Just got my topper on today. I also got a bed slide. :cool:
I have to work on my signage next. I will put my magnetic signs on for a while.

Nice!! :cool:

I’m in a VW TDI wagon. I used to run my Silverado but spent over $18,000 in fuel one year and said this is nuts. Then I ran a Ford Focus hatchback and ran out of room eventually. With the TDI I get about 40 mpg on diesel. Plus it’s a diesel and should last me forever. I didn’t want to have to replace a gas vehicle every 3-4 years. I put Telesteps 18’ ladder, Telesteps 10’ A-frame ladder, Retrotec blower door, Retrotec blower door fan, Retrotec duct blaster, 4’ Aluminum step ladder, 20 vent cap boots, Alnor low flow balometer, Flir E40bx, Testo 320, Sun Nuclear radon monitor, 4 zip poles, and my Home Inspection tool bag all in the back of the VW. I also carry extra tape, batteries, ect under the rear decking in storage. Everything fits like a puzzle but it also packs in and out very easily. I still have room for an assistant in the front of course. I looked at the transits especially since I would be able to keep my blower door assembled, but I just didn’t like the motor in it so I decided to go with the VW. I basically looked at everything before going with the VW.

What’s the price point of the VW?

Me too… was planning on picking up one before this summer. Have not used one, but they look like good solution.

This is the perfect inspection vehicle. And it’s several thousand less that the Connect. And 8’ of cargo space.

Here’s mine. We need 4X4 up here or you would never get to an inspection.
2012 GMC Seirra with all the bells and whistles.


Traded in my 2014 chevy Silverado for 2015 GMC Sierra :mrgreen: