Best inspector in Yuma AZ

I am looking for the most experienced inspector in Yuma AZ… There is a House masters , a Piller to post , and an Amerispect franchise in the area. Do any of you know these folks? There are also two local guys.

I will do my own inspection, but as I am the buyer it holds some problems…

I would be most greatfull for any help.

Do you want the best inspector or the most experienced?

Your post title and actual post ask for two different things…

These are two different topics in many cases.

Due to complacency and RE agent relationship issues, you probably do not want the most experienced inspector.

Ah heck Todd. Do you trust yourself? Instead of writing a contingency for a home inspection, make the sale subject to the approval of your…cousin or mother or girlfriend. Then take the time, do an inspection yourself and if decide you don’t want it, tell whoever you put in the contract to say no.

I plan on doing my own inspection, but I want a third party report

I am talking about a very expensive home… I want a full report from a good inspector… I can do it myself, but it is not the same as a report from an unbiosed inspector

I can not do an inspection for myself it just does not make sence…How can i justifie the report when I am the byer as well as the inspector?

I changed my mind… I still am licenced in AZ … I will inspect it and do a normal report.

Thanks S SS.

This should be good :slight_smile:

Strange as it may seem I am the best inspector…

I am just paronoid I guess…

I feel sorry for the sellers :slight_smile:

Very expensive home in Yuma, AZ? Is that possible? I use to dove hunt in Yuma… As best I remember it was a mexican pueblo right here in the USA. Has that changed?

Careful Todd, your state probably forbids inspections on properties the inspector has a financial interest in.

That’s why you don’t use the inspection clause in the contract. Make it subject to the written approval of your “out of town” aunt or someone else.

Most sellers will only respond to actual inspection reports so that will not help produce a valid legal inspection report in the states I work in and most likely not Todd’s either.


This has nothing to do with an inspection. When a “subject to” clause is added to a purchase and sales agreement, it is just as binding as any other portion. If I buy a house, “subject to my wife’s approval”, she must sign off within the stated time and if she does not approve or fails to sign in the alloted time, the deal is dead. This is very common especially when a signator is out of state and won’t return for a week or so. It is a legal out and is not tied to an inspection in any way.

Now, if Todd were to buy this home “subject to the approval of his uncle within 10 days”, and the buyer accepts the terms, it is a done deal once the approval is signed off. If for some reason his uncle were to say, I don’t like the terms or the house or the neighborhood, he could withhold approval and the deal dies. A reason does not have to be given for approval or disapproval.

If Todd were to decide he needed to back out of the deal because of items he found while he was going over the house, he would just inform his uncle that there are concerns and his uncle could say, I don’t approve. The deal dies.

Very common especially when parents are supplying a downpayment and they want to look at the house first.

The problem with this is that any “real” agent won’t accept an offer with a clause like this.

Todd - inspect your own house, but have the report issued by another inspector. That’s how I did it.

Thanks for the post Jeff.

That is exactly what I did, well kinda. I had a friend come in from Tucson , and we both did the inspection. He just signed off on it. :smiley:

Hi Todd,

just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean the bastards aren’t out to get you.



How far is Yuma from Sedona or Phoenix. The 2 best I know in AZ are there.

Dan, is your Mapquest broken?


Phx 3hrs
Sedona 5
Dan if you send Blaker from Phx and Greenburg from Sedona , they would kill each other before the end of inspection by spending countless hrs debating how to report the defect, and debating proper grammer to complete the report.;-):wink: