Best insurance price in Ontario?

What would be the best insurance company for E&O to go with in Ontario as far as price is concerned? What do you think about pay per inspection…if they have it?

Based on my experience, HUB Ontario Kim Smith 1-800-263-2383-7067


As far as I’m aware pay per inspection does not exist in Canada. A few years ago, I attempted to get this for Nachi members in Canada (through Lloyd’s of London from a Vancouver nroker) and it didn’t work.

Thanks for your quick response Gilles! I’ll give her a call. I see you’re from Brossard… I’m originally from St. Bruno. Moved to Ontario 4 years ago good to hear from folks on the South Shore! :slight_smile: Hope business is going well for you.

Mike Courtemanche
I-Team Home Inspections