Best IR Camera?

Which camera has the best resolution out there. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks in advance

Best camera, or cheapest camera?


Best resolution for handheld is Flir T620/640 - 640 x 480 - $20K/$25K.

Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but I use a Flir E40BX ($3,995) with 160 x 120 pixels and the resolution is good. However, knowing what I know now, my next camera will be either a Flir E60BX or a Flir T420BX ($7,995) with 320 x 240 pixel resolution (76,800 pixels) as I would like the better resolution. However, if you want the best, then go with either a Flir T620BX ($25,795) or a T640BX ($26,500)with 640 x 480 pixel resolution (307,200 pixels) for the top resolution. I would not recommend going any lower than 19,200 pixel resolution. Hope this helps.

I didn’t say it was the best, but it has the resolution you asked for:

Talk to Jason at AC Tools…

I thinking of buying 3 or 4 :mrgreen:

It may take a while looking at your fees for home inspections.

Their based on the early 1990’s…from what I read on your website.

Are you a new inspector?

If you would like to charge significantly more, give me a call or send me an email, perhaps I can help you.

I’ve suggested to Nathan to attend the monthly Denver NACHI Chapter meeting. I don’t think he has, I may be wrong. I’ve never met him, just see his posts here. We try to help each other out with some of these things. Several new inspectors attend. One of the things that they ask are what fees to charge. We all charge differently but we do encourage the new guys to not be the “cheap” inspector.

On the other hand the real estate market has slowed down this month from the previous 3 months. I have been losing more inspections to others based on price. I am not the most expensive in the area, probably in the upper 25%. I spoke to one broker yesterday and he said some of his realtors are having problems with these inspectors.