Best music video: Gangnam Style.

2 billion views.

I refuse to even look :slight_smile:

Uncle Nick say it ain’t really sooooooo :slight_smile:

I can see why it got 2 billion views… it’s awesome. LOL He made it strictly for a Korean audience but it went viral and global.

2 billion and one.

And 4 1/2 minutes of my life I can never get back!

I would have been better off flossing with guitar wire…the Low “E” string…:mrgreen:

Right… I’m not clicking on that:neutral:

Oh c’mon. Expand your horizons a little. LOL

It’s actually funny. But about 3 minutes longer than it needs to be to get a good laugh.

I think he looks like the Korean version of me. :wink:

That girl in the pink dancing, just started my morning off with my eyes wide open. She is hotter than a Jalapeno pepper. She’s a sexy lady.

I like it !

2 Billion Hits +

Which proves it does not take a college education to be a world wide sensation.

I would never admit that, even if it were true, Nick! :cool:

she’s too skinny…she needs a cheeseburger!! :wink:

Welcome to 2 years ago Nick! lol

It’s a funny video. You have to realize it is intended to be comedy.

I was reading an article on getting YouTube views and found a link to it. It’s addictive. 2 billion views!

Nick, did you make a cameo in the elevator scene? You’re the dancer, right?

Thanks, Andrew.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit :mrgreen: