Best Narrative for Defect Picture of January

Please provide your best narrative here for this Defect Winning Photo for this past January.

As Described here;

The winner at the end of the year win the same prize and maybe more.
What do you have to loose to participate?
Nothing. :slight_smile:


**Troy N. Pappas

The lint can still get out if the flap can’t open…Right?

Lint: Can you see me now?

Let try again

Rodent preventer for dryer vent improperly installed

Cute thats a great start.
Lets see some more
Thanks… Roy
Description: Lint backflow preventer.

Chris, is that a Narrative you would use in your report to describe a defect?

No. I didn’t/don’t think Troy or John would use the one they posted either.

Well the show is to come up with the best Narrative to describe the winning Defect winner for January.

There will be 12 paired winners at the end of the year that could win you $1000 or close to it.

I am requesting Narratives that would be used in the report to describe this defect.
The best one gets to qualify for the yearly Poll. :slight_smile:

Rodent preventer for dryer vent improperly installed and unable to vent

Taken as an official Narrative John. :slight_smile:

OK. Here’s what I would write.

The dryer vent flap is improperly installed (upside down). The present condition can/will trap lint and create a potential fire hazard; Also will not allow the dryer to properly vent. This is a safety issue. Corrective repairs by a qualified person are recommended.

Thanks real nice.

Now others. :slight_smile:

The dryer vent damper was improperly installed. This can cause venting problems and create unsafe conditions. I recommend having the dryer vent damper properly installed.

· Safety Issue, Repair: We found the dryer vent exterior wall damper damaged. It should be replaced to prevent outside air, insects, rodents and birds from entering the duct. Make certain the duct is metal and at least 10 cm (4 in) in diameter and as short and straight as possible. Seal all leaks. Screened type wall damper needs to be cleaned regularly as lint accumulation will restrict air flow resulting in possible fire.

Marcel you guys install screens on them in Canada?

I don’t but some do because of…

Dryer vent installed improperly. Current configuration is amateur/incorrect installation. In this configuration (flap unable to open) it creates a potential fire hazard, and at least prevents clothes dryer from properly, efficiently drying clothing. Recommendation: Install dryer vent to manufacturers specifications, so as to have the flap/louvers properly allow air to discharge, and still close when not in use.

If I see a screen on a dryer vent, I report it as a safety concern.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…

but what would be your narrative , the idea is to write a narrative to be used in this award category

We are off to a good start.

I will post a poll after 20 posted Narrative here for the Defect Picture above.