Best picture backup strategy for iPhone and Mac

Who has a simple-to-use and solid backup strategy for the Inspection photos and extra photos taken at inspections, that need to get offloaded from your phone? I’m running out of storage and want to build and document a long-term easy-to-use strategy for moving pictures from the phone to secure storage for retrieval if needed later. Thank’s

Amazon has unlimited photo storage for Prime members.

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I did not know that! Thx Richard.

Mark, everyday after inspections, I download photos to my computer with DEX, a free app that is prob already on your computer.
Just plug your phone in with the usb cord.
Takes less than a minute to download a couple hundred, and then after about 6 months, I will move that whole file to a usb drive for long term storage.


I just directly connect my iPhone to my computer using USB and then copy the photos to a Microsoft OneDrive backed-up inspection folder where I collect all the iPhone photos, thermal images, drone images, as applicable, as well as a final PDF of the report. The advantage is that the images load fast and you can view and edit the images immediately while they are being backed up to the cloud.

Another advantage is that I can access everything in the cloud on my phone (or another computer) with the Microsoft 360 and OneDrive apps using the same login. This is essential for me as I use two different computers at two different locations to create reports. The synchronization between the two computers and cloud storage is all done in background and pretty seamless.

Microsoft will provide you with 1 TB of cloud storage for as little as $60/year/user. I average about 450 MB per inspection. So, I might need to push some older inspections to another external location about 10 years or so from now or just sign up for more storage.

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Thank you sir.

Appreciate you sir!

My iPhone is synched to my MacBook Pro and automatically shares photos with it which then get backed up to Time Machine and an external hard drive.

Thanks Kenton, if it’s synched, won’t your Mac pictures get deleted when you delete the pictures on iPhone?

Your other option is a data retention policy.
Delete everything after a defined interval, so it can never come up in a court case.


Hey there Mark,
I have been wrestling with back up storage space and just overall organization of files for the past decade. To date the best option I have come up still has the need to go back and clear my phone of the 1000s of photos taken at inspections. Currently I use Spectora and the advantage here is that no pics are stored on your phone… but it also means that if I switch companies I have to go in and back up every file (think the time we MUST keep for record is either 3 or 5 years…anyone else back this up?). Anyway, I started to use Google Drive to back up and this is one way - another is to backup to a seperate Locked HD - THink WD has a good mini one that is @ $100 and it comes with a password so even if stolen the info is secure. I use both - but only back up to HD once in a blue moon. Otherwise I TRY to back up all inspections to GDrive… as often as poss - once a week at least. Kinda a pain and so am always looking for a better way to do … let me know if anyone has anything they do that is easier w less steps and more automation

I put the Polaroids in a Filofax.