Best Roof Defects Group 1

Ok guys here are the roof defect photos for Group 1. Winner gets a case of books. Sorry it took so long.

Are There Any Fish In That Lake?

Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away…

Chalk Line Anyone?

How Many Layers Did You Want?

Nice Cricket…

Nice Repair Job…

Please Wipe Your Feet Before Entering…

Where Does That Darn Leak Start?

Let’s Just Shingle The Flat Roof…

What Can You Really Say?

nice pics

Thanks BK, I worked really hard on them!:wink:

Wow… great pics! This is gonna be a difficult decision.

I agree , it’s a tough choice ! Although I kinda like the cricket .

There a a few that will garner lots of attention and it should be a good race.

Great job Ian!

These are some excellent submissions!

Thanks Bill, had some issues as you know with the pics, but here they are. The credit goes to the homeowners and the inspectors that gathered these great photos. Good job guys.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What are you smilin at?:mrgreen:

I think that Cricket is pretty Hip. :):wink:

Very punny! :mrgreen:

Make sure you guys vote.

What, you let anybody vote? :p:mrgreen::smiley:

Yup, even you Larry!:mrgreen:

didn’t figure we’d have too many non members voting so why not here? And if they do it doesn’t really hurt I didn’t figure.


I snuck a click in earlier just in case. :smiley:

Anyone else?

wipe your feet

I did, I did, dam it. Oh sorry John, I thought it was my wife calling again. :mrgreen:

I voted for wipe your feet but the cricket ought to be the winner it illustrates best how people who don’t have a clue think they do it right.

That is why I voted for that one Brian.
Wipe your feet is innovative Harry, the other is FUBAR:mrgreen: