Best Search Engine On Web

Does anyone get good results and good leads from ads on the web, there so many sites. Which is the most inspections coming from. Thanks

You might better spend the money to optimize your own site for a high rank.

But I do get quite a few inspections from Inspections-USA.

I have never received an inspection, and/or call from either of them sites.

I do track all leads, but it may just be an Arizona thing not receiving any leads from those sites.

I have not had an inspection from NACHI sites in some time, but I do get a fair amount of work from people doing searches for “Tucson Arizona home inspector”:cool:

I make sure my girls ask every caller how they found me.:wink:

Mark T. and I own the web in the Tucson area.:D:D

NACHI.Org is still there for ranking in Lead Generation

Well Over $500 in Revenue last week…

Well CMI Joe:p, your home page is ranked at “0” so I guess NACHI is the only way folks can find you. LOL :p:p

OOps this time it came up as a 2. Sorry

Then again being a “House Master” franchise sure cant hurt.:slight_smile:

In my area House Master has a darn nice share of the biz. Kudos

I am not so found of there tactics, but thats OK. I am running myself into the ground these last couple of months. I want summer to go away!!

A Web Ranking (as you suggest) is Meaningless when your Market Presence is the Dominant Factor.

Not being a Franchisee, and knowing where your work comes from, places you at a position of being Deficient in Suppositions…

No Offense intended…

I would think that it is fairly important when a good portion of new clients find you on the web. It is getting to the point were most folks dont even touch a phone book they mostly use the web to find things.

Market presence… Like I said it is good to be part of the biggest franchise in the country…

No offence taken and stop useing big words LOL;-)

We have had conversations in the past. (Independant/ Owned Operated)

On a Personal / Professional Level, I forward all Arizona Inspections to the Best Professional Arizona Inspector that I Personally Know of …

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now I am sad, but not offended.:cool:

I send all my PA inspections here:REMAS


Night folks. first ones at 6 :mad:

That’s Cool.

He is more than 100 miles from my Market area.

Your recommendation is only an Added Benefit to my Business.

Thank you for the Referral…

Is Jeff a less than qualified inspector?

So, you send your leads to Scott Warga???

Todd - I think he meant Cole.

So, you send your leads to Scott Warga???

J. Hagerty said Scotts his man…:p:p:p

Sorry, cell batt died…

First ones early goto sleep…:cool:

Nice speaking with you .:smiley: