Best SEO thread yet

What do you think of this? Click on every link in the signature of everyone that post in this thread. Leave a Like, Plus, or whatever. Even stars.

Google+ ya

Sounds cool.

I’m in…

Robert, your site is not optimized for mobile. Google will penalize you for that. Have a discussion with your Web guy.

I clicked all so far.

Which one Frank? (I’m short the Geek gene, lol)

I’m in!

Does this count that we did it in the other thread?:wink:

Everthing counts.

Both of them.

I’m in

Ken, did you make the Powtoon videos? Those are good.

Yes, was very easy to do - have uploaded many to You Tube and there are many free templates you can choose from.

All clicked.

Please click and like:

Nice Michael. Did you do it, or have it done?

They charge don’t they?

Got all to here.