Best Software

Can anyone help with determining which software that Realtors prefer? There appears to be alot of options out there so I’m trying to see what most folks use for the real estate inspections.

I understand what you’re saying Merri… I think what end-users of your report prefer is one that is well-written and easy to understand.

This topic is one that will have folks coming in from every angle and is much debated.

I suggest trying several yourself… actually walk around your own home and create AND read the report.

Most any software provider will allow some type of trial, allowing you use of the software to gain.

Feel free to look at inspector websites, mine included for sample reports if you’d like.

The list is very long of software providers.

Some popular ones here that support our community are

Home Inspector Pro
Knights Software
Home Gauge

and there are others.

Link or post a sample report here, have friends and family review with/for you as well.

Good Luck

They don’t care as long as it is a soft report.

Only thing I have to go on is positive comments from agents and this feature (I have several agents that have loaded their personal information without any directions from me. I would think they like the report and the upload process enough to take the time to populate their info).

Just spent all day yesterday at an 8 hour seminar with Dominic Marcic the creator of Home Inspection Pro it is amazing how many NACHI and ASHI guys were there to learn from him.
The software is the best and many of the busiest and biggest name guys in the industry are taking the extra time to switch to not only his web hosting but his Report software as well.

There are some very big surprises coming soon that I will not reveal here, but now is a good time to get on board before it is too late.:wink:

Thats great news Bob looking froward to the changes

Hey, no secrets Bob. We’re all a HIP family here.

Personally, I don’t care what realtors like, I’m working for my clients directly.

I have some OLD sample reports on my website linked to my signature below.

My reports now do not look even close to my samples, but I could email you a current sample report if you would like to see the capabilities HomeGauge has.

Dom’s software is very good too, all depends on what your used to using.

I do inspections 6-7 days a week continually so I don’t have time to learn another program, nor have the need to.

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Everyone love HIP regardless of association.:smiley:

As Dale mentions in the post above ,he is not using HIP because he does not have time to relearn a new program ,so if you are not set in your ways ,new guys should all become Hippies.:slight_smile:


I had 2 inspections yesterday, one today. No time for socializing.

You make time.
That is whats nice about having your own business.

Had a few of your sites on the big screen as examples and you may have learned something ,meaning there is always time to educate yourself.

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Very Funny.
That is me and we had just arrived. The meeting was 8 am to 5 pm with nothing but coffee sir.

Did Dominic explain how your site is on page 1 for “Chicago Home Inspector” and you don’t follow his SEO rules for that website?:slight_smile:

What…Frank has never bought me pizza ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Homeguage seems to be the preferred option, I have Realtors that only use us because we use that software. The summary report is all they care about and i moved it to the begining of the report on the second page so they can easily review it first.

No, and since you are not paying me that is my secret:).He did teach yours though.:slight_smile:

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