Best way to gain access to home

on melborp ereh!


Welcome Jack. And to answer your question, I always tell the client that they have to get me or us access. Sometimes they say the agent will meet us, sometimes they say they will get us the lock code. If a FISBO deal the client should ask seller how we are going to get in. Always try to get the client’s agent’s name and info, for all deals. If the client and agent are not going to meet you at start of inspection, they should provide not only the code but also their agent’s name and phone number. Then when you can’t get in cause the code doesn’t work, you can call their agent, or call the agent who is listed on the For Sale sign in the yard. It seems about 10% of the time someone gives out the wrong code (“Oh sorry, I gave you the code for my other house on that street”) so make sure you have contact info for your client’s realtor so you can call and get them working to find the right code. Then do the outside while waiting on the call back.

If you have multiple inspections that day or have to be someplace right after the inspection, make sure you make it clear to your client that you have to leave at X time, so if you aren’t granted access to start on time, you may have to leave early without finishing and they’ll have to pay for you to comeback to finish. I’ve trice had to wait over 2 hours before client got ahold of his agent, who then had to get ahold of seller’s agent, who then finally called them all back to let me know what the correct code was. Delayed me by over an hour once I got the exterior done. And another tip…don’t check non-GFCI exterior outlets for ground fault until you have access to inside just incase the one GFCI in the bathroom is controlling all exterior outlets.

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… or the freezer full of nothing but prime venison steaks in the garage!!!


LOL JJ, how true. A fellow inspector got charged by seller for ruining meat in garage freezer when seller claimed the GFCI didn’t reset. Seller said there was over $500 of meat that got ruined. But could not produce a picture of said damaged goods. Inspector for some reason had taken a picture of what was in the freezer, with the light on, after resetting the GFCI. Pizzas, cookie dough, maybe 2-3 packages of meat. He replied with his picture…got no reply from seller!


I would have and did the same thing and caught 3 or 4 liars over my career. One sued me, and after I produced the photos, he was very embarrassed and paid for my attorney, too.