Best way to gain experience

I am currently studying to get my Inspectors License, but I have no experience. I tried calling a few local inspectors and ask if I could possible shadow them for a couple inspections a week. They all said that wasn’t something they would be willing to do. If anyone could possible tell me some good ways to gain experience I would appreciate it.

Start doing them for friends and family. Ask them if you can come back during each section of class: elect, plumbing, hvac, roofing etc. you would get a variety of house ages and styles hopefully.

Mark is correct. Also, have your friends and family read the reports and give you feedback as if they were real consumers buying homes.

Also, host a mock inspection event of your own home. Invite local InterNACHI members to all inspect your home one morning and then meet up in your kitchen to share results. It is a fun learning experience for newbies and veterans alike. I will send out a snail mail invite to all your local fellow members for you, if you host such an event.

There are also some excellent books out there, that you can learn a lot from, lot of book stores on the web offer used ones too.

Here’s another thought, while some inspectors don’t want to help other competitors, try contacting someone outside of your area and let them know your qualifications and intent. Another suggestion would be to offer to buy them lunch; this will also give you more one on one time to ask questions.

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My definition of Experience is = “a whole bunch of mistakes”.

So spend more time here reading, take courses, ridealongs, and learn from others mistakes so that you don’t make the same ones.

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Ben there is nothing and I mean nothing that will take place of getting out there and inspecting. Most people here are awesome technicians but you need to learn the other aspects of the business.

  1. Having a person follow you around the entire time asking you totally annoying questions. SO you can get used to it.
  2. People pulling you away from your process so they can confuse you, do you remember where you left off?
  3. Getting a total system together so you do the EXACT same thing over and over, this way it leads to a ton less of missed items and confusion, should you get pulled away.
  4. Kinda goes with #3 - get a process down ALWAYS start at the same areas and do them systematically
  5. Get your office lingo down, you will never get the job if you can sell your services
  6. Find out what your competition is doing and doing something different.
  7. Know the area you are working in, maybe find out who the realtor is before you go to the job and then you will know something about them. People, especially realtors like to talk about themselves.
  8. Do a ton of inspections for anyone who will let you. Then find people here to proof read them. I will help if needed, no problem. Then when you think it is perfect, spent $80 and send it to Kenton for a review. As a matter of fact if you do 15 written inspections and have others look at it. I will give Kenton the money to review your 16th report as a welcome to the profession.
  9. Find your strengths and play to them. For every class you take on inspections stuff, take one on SEO for a website or marketing and keep it like that. INSPECTING is just one aspect of what we do, and I have seen many many great inspectors go broke, do to their lack of business skills…

If you live in my area…come and we can show you what we do. I live in SW Florida and your welcome to shadow anytime.

Good advice Russell.:slight_smile:

If you’re in California… I’ll help ya… I can’t do ALL inspections.

Define Local for You…
There are issues with regard to GL and WC Coverage for Inspectors observing within the guidelines of the AS Contract in this State (Pennsylvania),
Your market may vary…

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I would be willing to help you out if you were around here

12 posts all positive and all helpful…miracles can happen!

One of if not the best book I have ever read on the subject is “Inspecting a House” by Rex Caudwell. It is part of a series of books “For pros by pros”. Get your hands on one of them, read it several times but it is an excellent source of photos and explanations on the kinds of common discrepancies you will see over and over. Every house is different and every inspection is different. Rex tells you how to do the inspection, what to look for and explains what you are seeing with simple, easy to understand language. Lots of books on Home Inspection shows the systems of the home “as they should be” but this book shows the systems as they really are…used, old, worn out and in need of repairs. You should be able to pick up a used one in great or like new condition from Amazon. I bought one many years ago at Home Depot but dont’ see them anymore.

The terminology he uses throughout the book will help you tremendously when it comes time to write up the report and make your reports clear, concise and correct.

If you are in TX, (Houston area more precisely) give me call. I don’t see other inspectors as competitors, but colleagues. There is way enough work for everyone here…

nice, I can’t add anything but “ditto”!