Best way to start my Home Inspection career?

I am a plumber who is going to start a home inspection business but want to do it the right way. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.
Any ideas or tips is great.

Thank you,


Hi Tony,

Welcome to NACHI (and thanks for your advice in the plumbing forum).

Obviously comming from the trades gives anyone a major head start towards becomming an inspector. However I would recommend a basic Home inspection course to bring you up to speed on other systems that you may not be too familiar with, and also the reporting side of our profession.

As for insurances the only 2 that are applicable are general liability which you probably allready have, and errors and omissions E&O which offers some protection if you are every sued for getting an inspection badly wrong. As MT has no licensing for HI’s at this time I would biscuss the insurance issue with your business lawyer.



Tony - My best advice is to do a lot of research, starting right here on the NACHI website. There are several different routes you may choose to take.

Please feel free to give me a call anytime and I’ll share one viable option with you for getting started relatively quickly and cost-effectively. 847-676-8424. I’ve got a 7-year old receptionist who will connect you to me immediately. :wink:


Welcome! Belong to NACHI. That is the best advice. Take the online test(s) for membership, become a NACHI member and GET INVOLVED in the local chapter. The best way to get involved in the local chapter is to help or coordinate training and education to all the rest of the chapter. Education is a must - for the development of confidence and to keep your liabilities to a minimum - you can never know enough!

If you would like my help with your local chapter with regard to education, please let me know.

Tony, good luck !!!:smiley: