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This panel in a townhome appears to be original construction - can’t believe they could not find a better place for this.

Would you write this up?

Yes, it’s not allowed by the NEC. Local AHJ may have allowed it, I’d still report it for safety.

Thanks Chris. Can you offer the NEC code for my records? I would appreciate it.


  • 240-24. Location in or on Premises.
    • (e) Not Located in Bathrooms. In dwelling units and guest rooms of hotels and motels, overcurrent devices, other than supplementary overcurrent protection, shall not be located in bathrooms as defined in Article 100.

NEC 230.70 & 240.24 Electrical panels shall be readily accessible and shall not be
located in bathrooms or in the vicinity of easily ignitable materials such as clothes closets.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Here’s another…

E3405.4 Location of working spaces and equipment. Required working space shall not be designated for storage. Panelboards and overcurrent protection devices shall not be located in clothes closets, in bathrooms, or over the steps of a stairway.

AFAIK Darin there has been a restriction in NEC for bathrooms post 1993 and clothes closets even longer (post 1981), if you can believe it.

When was it built? There is no mandates for upgrades via NEC, but noteworthy nonetheless.

I had this discussion some time back… I think CA adopted these post '96 cycle.

Good Luck!

I would write up the title of this thread since we all know what the best way to wake up in the morning really is.:slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your insight. Yea Bob, that too :). The townhome was built in 1989. I talked to the AHJ today and they put me on a phone carousel.

Report it as a safety concern. Do not quote code. Then move on.

Since we do not directly report codes and try to ***** foot around them for support my opinion…Let them know code present code and year implemented if you wish then follow up with appeal to common sense of safety because as we all know from a million opinions in agreement on this board “Safety Has No Time Frame”

Write it up!!!

(My goodness I guess P u s s ycat is a bad word also now.)

Yea, I was not planning on citing code, I just wanted that bit for my own library of goodies.

and there you have it ,another rule in how not to thin the herd out.

Was never bad in my time!