Best Wishes Brian Kelly, you will be missed

Don’t panic. BK isn’t dead. Just leaving the inspection field for other endeavors.

He’s replacing the Pope?

I hope a kid didn’t take the picture… LoL!!!

What career path is he going down ?
Guess the wife decided he was having too much fun and is making him get a J.O.B

I talked to him a few Saturdays ago and he was inspecting a home.

I always like the guy.

Best wishes.

That’s too bad, great guy! I thought he was keeping extremely busy with inspections. What is he going to do now?

Where’s Jeff going?

That’s him…I see my Vacuum in the background he never returned----:stuck_out_tongue:

that sure will look wild on a jet ski…

Oh…believe me…the dress and combat boots won’t stop him…he’s out of touch with reality, but a hell of a nice guy-----:stuck_out_tongue:

Have bubble, will travel?:shock:

I didn’t get a chance to have one with him on my recent trip to Phoenix but I wish I could have. Maybe next time.

BK, I wish you the best at whatever you decide to do.

Good luck Brian. :slight_smile:

It is amazing the lack of a sense of humor on this MB. Explains alot! :neutral:

Amazing how many jump to conclusions to instigate .:frowning:


Is BK recruiting?

Where and when did Brian get training for man of the cloth.?:wink:

St. Guinness University!