Best Wording Fireplace Foundation Damage

This is the base of a fireplace built in 1907. As you can see the brick and mortar had deteriorated. What is the best way to word this?

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Hi. Larry.

That is an old chimney.
Old masonry chimneys were generally well constructed. What was not anticipated at the time was the invention of high efficiency heating systems venting into them. The furnaces or solid fuel burning systems used in these old chimneys initially burned hotter and drier than today’s. The amount of moisture released from today’s systems, combined with the chimney cooling at a much faster rate at a lower level, are catalysts in the deterioration of these old home chimneys.

The other intruder in the general picture of brick deterioration at the base like this is moisture.
There might not have been a proper cap installed over the chimney top which allowed moisture in below the cleanout of the chimney base and all the moisture wicking from the floor contributed to the spalling of the bricks.
Seing that this is a double brick chimney with no flue, I would strongly recommend a Level 2 and maybe a level 3 to make an assessment of the chimney in general. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

The brick and or masonry at the fireplace is deteriorated. We recommend that the the fireplace damage be evaluated by a Masonry Contractor and or a Fireplace Contractor with remedy as necessary

Thanks Brian your wording sounds a lot like mine. I was having a brain fart earlier and could not remember the word spalling.