Bet Ya thought ya seen everything

From Today’s inspection

I can hear it now

“Honey where has my cookie sheet and the oven rack gone?”

“Well dear… remember the squirles that were in the attic?
They won’t be gittin in any more!!!”



You got to love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




mebbe the squirrels wanted to make Nut cake:mrgreen:

if you use baking pans as counterflashing…you might be a redneck.

Richard . . . you must be near rednecks!

Awesome cheap Barricade. Why do it properly, just go to your kitchen and grab the next best item.

Looks like a job for more than a kitchen raid, bedroom set (head/footboard) was also involved.

Looks like they didn’t clean the cookie sheat before installation! :shock:

Should’ve turned it toward the hole to provide snackage…:mrgreen:


I guess for something to be considered “snackage”, it must first have “snackability”…:wink: :wink:

I guess for somrthing to be considered “snackage”, it must first have “snackability”…:wink: :wink:

Very True… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: