Beta: NACHI Home Inspector Toolbar

Hey folks,

So we’ve been working on a NACHI web browser toolbar for a little while and I decided to post the current beta of our “NACHI Home Inspector Toolbar.” I’d love some feedback and suggestions, particularly about:[ol]
[li]Would you like to see any other search engines in the “Search Web” drop down menu?[/li][li]Is there anything else that you think should go in the “Hot Links” drop down menu?[/li][li]What else would be useful in the “Reference” drop down menu?[/li][li]Would it be useful to build any of the following features into the toolbar? These are things that a lot of other toolbars have, but I’m not entirely sure if they’re useful because people typically have their own programs installed that do these functions:[LIST=1][/li][li]Anti-Spyware[/li][li]Popup-blocker[/li][li]Autofiller (automatically fills your name, e-mail, etc into web forms)[/li][li] HTML/CSS validator (mostly for people who manage their own site)[/ol] [/li][li]Is there anything that you use in another toolbar that you would like to see in the NACHI toolbar?[/LIST]Alright, so without futher ado, here’s the link:[/li]
[n=“toolbar”]NACHI Toolbar BETA Download[/n]

Remember, this is BETA software. It should work well but there may be some bugs. Also note that the Firefox version has 1 or 2 less features than the Internet Explorer version due to software limitations.

Great feature…installed just fine!

Installed fine here on FireFox.

Would like to see the option of having the search results appear in a new tab instead of a new window.

Is this anything like the one over at inspection news?

Nice work Chris

Installed fine for me. I’ve seen another one out there but as usual… the one you created is much better.


The inspection news toolbar is made using an online toolbar builder that lets you pull together a bunch of pre-built elements (such as the radio item or Google search box). We looked at this software in 2006 and decided it wasn’t robust enough for what we’re trying to do.

Good work Chris, and thank you.

Great, Thank you

We’re also adding members-only features to the toolbar. If anyone has a particular members-only option that they’d like to see made available through the toolbar, let me know.


Could you put links to Education Log, Etc.

Great Work!

Thanks for all the work that you do.

Dana Littlefield

I’ll add that to the next release. Anything else?

Thanks Chris, it installed just fine.

Now could you find the time to address my request from old e-mails. ??