Beta test our new newsletter!

Hmm… Good ideas. We’ll do some talking about it and see what we can come up with.

Hey Tim

Where are we with this?

Will there be a way to change and personalize the written welcome portion of the newsletter?

Hi -

Chris and I have had to concentrate on upgrading and migrating InspectorPages this past month, so I haven’t completed this project yet. Look for more changes around the end of May - I’ll focus on the newsletter in another week. Thanks for your patience!


I just got issue 4. Its way too long and extremely boring. Nothing in the beginning will make any homeowner want to read the rest. It’s boring home inspector stuff. We need juicy homeowner stuff.

Although though open rate for our free eNewsletter system is silly high (66%)… I agree with Juan.

I’m working on a new article that I predict will be the all-time most read (highest open rate) by your clients: 10 Best Ways to Hide your Valuables in your Home.

I’m meeting with a copy writer today at 1pm to discuss new content.

Along with the mentioned above… it is a really looong scroll down the page. How about a hyperlinked content list in the margin to ‘jump’ to the content of interest down the page.

Yep. We’re definitely going to work to shorten the content some.


What do I have to do to get my pic on the newsletter and when can we start using this for our clients?

Lol. Nick says you can start using it now.

You can start using it right away. Go to to set up which photo you use… you’ll have to have a picture or logo uploaded to your InterNACHI profile, but you’ll see links for that at the above address. Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks Tim. It appears to be a very popular tool that many members are using already.

I am adding clients almost daily to iNACHI’s Newsletter being assured that their information is private and is not going to be provided to vendors, ever.


I decided to check this out again

When selecting that you found termites it says

“And of course I’ll include information about wood destroying organism/insects since we found it in our testing.”

I don’t test for mold or termites but I can see it during my inspection. Can we change the word testing to something more applicable.

It is also the same for Mold, Radon and Lead…

How about removing since we found it in our testing.

Hi -

That’s just a sample letter to show what we’re working on - it won’t go out to clients yet. We’re rebuilding the system to use all InterNACHI-developed code so we can customize this more, and we’ll take a look at that wording for you!


Under Air conditioning, can we add Mini/ductless split. That is almost all we see out here the the tropical Pacific. I am sure many in the states have never seen one, particularly in the North, but it is essentially a Central AC unit with only one outlet (i.e. ductless)

If you would like to send me the newsletter text for the Central and the Window AC units, I can re-write the verbiage for mini/ductless split AC units.