Beta test our new newsletter!

I don’t know if Jim can handle anymore waiting… he is ready to b-u-r-s-t !!! :mrgreen:

Sounds like when it’s released it will be a killer app. Thanks and also looking forward to it as well.


Jeff you are correct…I can’t wait…hahaha Come on Tim and crew, help us out here. This newsletter can really help us all market to our clients and at the same time spread the word about NACHI…Let’s get this done ASAP…


Things are moving along well. We got a few more months worth of content finished last week, but we still have 18 more months to plan for. The technical changes that you guys requested are also moving forward—Tim’s working on tools to manage your list and a way to customize where the newsletter links to. Should be done some time this month.


This Month ? now I can l can live with that…:wink:



Well now… slowwww down there Jimmy! :mrgreen:

Chris never said the program would be ready to launch this month, just that the whosamucallit will be ready. Big difference! :wink:

Come on Chris…we all need the NACHI newsletter working. All these others popping up. I want to keep it home.


Don’t worry, James. Tim’s working on the technical changes, and Kate just promised me she’ll have the first 12 months worth of content done this week. We should have some changes live soon.


Chris, Tim Nick, with all the current drama going on with that hon newsletter designed to collect data and make $$ off our hard earned work. What is the status of NACHI Newsletter. If you made the suggested changes this will rock. I know me personally and I would bet a HUGE % of the members would much rather use this than sell out our clients data to some greedy vendors.


That’s Awesome stuff right there :stuck_out_tongue:

This is both Tim’s and Kate’s #1 priority. A major update is coming soon!

We are all ready. I’ll tell Nick to give you a raise, but I think he may say the only thing I raise is my voice…hahaha


Chris, there still is a bug in the program. You are force to click one of the environmental box’s at the bottom. If I leave blank I get error message, but when I uncheck it then it allows me to send.

This need to be fixed because if you click on one of the box’s like mold for example and send then the message, then in News letter it will say that you test positive for mold or something like when you didn’t.

Is this news letter going to have adds for an alarm company?

How can we be sure that the client’s information will never ever ever get sold to any one any where any time ever, ever!?

Sorry I had to do it :slight_smile:

Hi - it will give you a warning when you don’t select any of the checkboxes, but the warning says that if there really are no issues, then just click submit again.

I have most of these change requests programmed and I’m just bug-testing and fine-tuning right now!

Thanks Tim!

Awesome news Tim. When you get it done and released, you can take a day off with pay. Just tell Nick I approved the request…hahahaha


Thanks Tim.

Stay on him Jim.

Lawrence writes:

LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, folks!

The next step in the Homeowner’s Newsletter is here.

Here are the changes I’ve made:

  • You can manage your subscribers at
  • Now the email uses your company name, not your personal name.
  • Your website is now linked prominently with your company name in the first line of the newsletter.
  • You can choose, via your InterNACHI profile, whether the newsletter will use your ID photo or your company logo.

Here is my plan for the immediate future:

  • A complete redesign of the newsletters. Input from you guys leads me to believe the newsletter will be more effective if we include less text and more links instead.

In addition, we aren’t selling any subscriber lists… :slight_smile:

Keep sending your suggestions to Let me know what you think!

From the hills of northern South Korea, where I’m on a working vacation!

  • Tim

Tim, thanks for the hard work… but…

I did the logo choice, no problem,

I clicked on the EDIT button in the contacts list, and I received an error message. Because it contains part of a personal email address, I am sending it to you in a PM.