Beta test our new newsletter!

OK, Jeff, sorry! Whoops! I changed the address from my initial beta but it still kept the original address in one location. It should work fine now!

Works great, Thanks!

Waaaaa, nobody told me it was done. Tim you rock. I have to run, I’ve got 2 inspections today but one I get doe you know I will be checking out the newsletter… Awesome news.


Sorry Jim, I wanted to get the bugs worked out for you, as I know how much you have been anticipating it’s release/improvements! :wink:

Tim, it won’t accept birthday input or age range no matter how many times I submit.

You broke it, Mike. It worked fine for me last night!

Note: one or two fields are “trick” fields. Re-read before inputing the data! :mrgreen:

I tried numerous dates and years. Still no go.

It keeps coming back to problems found with submission.

It can’t get past the birthday or appx. age.

EDIT: It works fine in IE10.

Will not work in Chrome

First time I input the homes age I input the year built! Dough!!!

Interesting about Chrome. Tim should be waking up in a couple of hours (Korea time). :wink:

That’s because you are a HIPpie :wink:

Sshhhhhh! :wink:

Hm… Chrome is getting to be quite a pain in our neck. I’ll do some testing and get it working.

I’ve gotten some other really good ideas in my inbox! We’ll be talking them over, and coming out with a new feature set soon.

  • Tim

Thanks Tim. Now get out of there.

Fill up the info, Add to Newletter, There were issues with the info…

Screen comes back up with previous info in Heating system and Cooling system changed.

Have to re-enter and re-submit.

Could that be fix so that entered information is not deleted, thanks.

Chris, can you add Asbestos check box and information?


It shouldn’t do that. I’m looking into it.

OK, the Heating and Cooling info has been fixed! Let me know if you have any other problems.



Can we get some integration with Newsletter and the the online agreement system. Basically, I’d like my client to entered into the newsletter system when I create the agreement. Then after the inspection I can check all the applicable items and send it. Think we can make this happen? Even better, you could integrate with ISN or recallchek.

Working fine now.

Thanks Tim!

Hmm… Good ideas. We’ll do some talking about it and see what we can come up with.

Hey Tim

Where are we with this?