Better have Move In Certified signs on hand!

I just got a call from Earl Beahm needing a sign asap for an inspection today!!! Earl got a call from a client wanting the inspection and sign in the yard TODAY… I had to overnight him our last sign from the office…

Be prepared and have these on hand so if called you will be ready :wink:

UPS delivered my signs today. OPPS, the printer only did ONE side of the signs, they will be getting these back !

Lisa, thats a one in a million chance…:smiley: :smiley:

My chances of winning the PowerBall are better than doing a pre-listing inspection…:smiley: :smiley:

I have to talk home seller friends into having one :smiley:

Buy them dinner…etc…?..:smiley: :smiley:


Do you play the PowerBall?

OK, here’s a thought-
drop the “inspection”, call it an evaluation, do a 4-point, write up the items that would be your front page / summary stuff.
(Look at what the SELLER certifies, by MIC definition.)
Make sure the word inspection is not in the report; mention that this is not to be considered a Complete Home Inspection.

Lower cost, more attractive to client.
Fewer gigs on report, less overwhelming to client.

This should open up a lively discussion, as some don’t like MIC, 4-Point, non-SOP insps, etc, but it’s worth the discussion . . .

BTW, get your signs and banners fron

Hi Brian,

Every week, and loose, but I have never done a pre-listing inspection either…so I’m losing at both ends of the stick…:smiley:

The sign would be the last thing on my mind…:smiley:

Want me to pick you up a couple PowerBall Tickets? might win before you make a fortune doing pre-listing inspections…:smiley:

Yeah Russ…like write up anything over a grand in repair cost for any single item, the buyers can bicker-dicker over that one.

No thanks, I’m going to buy my PowerBall ticket with the proceeds of my first MIC inspection :shock::shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Actually, Dale, I don’t go into $ sorting-
I sort by:

Areas Critical to Safety & Function (1st Summary area);
Areas of Concern relating to S&F (2nd);
Mtc items.

So, I’m Looking at #s 1 & 2 . . .

I rather sort by items critical or of concern, rather than $, Dale-