Better than being a master inspector

Its over I hope

Awesome Charley. Kick cancer’s azz! Best wishes!!

Awesome news Charley!

Congratulations Charlie!!!

Great news, Charley.


Glad to hear Charley.

Sorry to see you had to go through this .
What type of Cancer Charlie.

Really good news Charley.

Good news Charley. Glad to hear it.

Thank you my friends glad to be done with it. It was messing my schedule up.:smiley:

Bob it was prostrate C the old man disease

Bravo Zulu,
Good to see you’re alive and kicking sailor.

Yikes…Yeah always wary of my pee stream as I get older.
Had a issue or have and found my blood pressure is at 220 and was having a heart attack so realize how precious life is .

Glad the therapy helped.

Need to get a prostate exam and still am supposed to do a stress test .
Guess I should go soon.

Thanks for the reminder as the blood pressure medication works but you never know when it is time to go .

Good for you Charlie…for everyone else please take care of your health and lets all live long and happy lives

Sounds like you need to increase your nicotine consumption and increase your McDonalds intake too.:stuck_out_tongue:

hell yeah it is awesome news!!

Good news.
I wish you great health & happiness.
My prostate biopsy was negative, not a fun time to go thru it.

Congratulations Partner…do any of Your parts glow in the dark now ?:shock:


Great news Charlie