Beware!!! FaceBook scam?... this is a new one to me!

We were in a poor cell area today, so signal was in and out. Step outside and the phone dings, I ignore all of the dings associated with social media during inspections. Then I got a text from FB(?) saying my account has been suspended click >>here<< to correct the problem. Well, I am starring at a few notifications, thinking “doesn’t look shut down to me”, so I didn’t click on the link in text message… not sure… but BEWARE!!!

Dave it may happen if your phone was going in and out if you where logged into face book . It may have looked like someone was trying access . I had that happen once

Hi Wayne nice to see ya again! :wink: It was a text from (not) “FaceBook” claiming my FB account(s) has been shut down… just be aware folks!

Yup, got something from FaceBook today. Was a video of a running jetted tub from Frank Rotte and I doubt he sent it.

Oh Ok i have to watch for that one , Perhaps one of the face book groups got hacked if videos are being sent out from other members , Lord what will be next .

I wouldn’t be too sure it wasn’t me. It may have been a butt dial. :slight_smile:

LOL! I got a butt dial today… it may have been you Frank! It definitely sounded (muffled) like an inspector explaining “stuff” to folks!

Here is what the butt dial I got today sounded like:

I think Frank’s up to another one of his marketing schemes :slight_smile: