**beware**fraud alert**please read**

Below is a conversation that I had with a person through my email. Her name was Nichols (She says)

Nichol: Hello. I need a inspection on my house in Madera. How much do you charge.
Me. What is the address and details on the house. With that information, I will be able to quote you properly.
Nichol: the address is 20311 Road 30 1/2, madera ca, 93638(its a 4 beds 3 baths 2,571 sqft) and also am sorry am not going to make it with you due to my present condition am presently out of the state for treatment recuperating from the diagnosis of lung Cancer and am still in the Private medical centre and I want work done asap before my arriving back to the state and how soon will you get me the report. Also let me know what you charge for this kind of service and the type or credit card processing merchant you use in processing credit card payment cause have been facing little problem with paypal and sqare merchant so it will be best if you have any other merchant other than those two…I will be waiting to read back form you soon…thank you
Me: It would cost $495.00 for the inspection.(at this time I was smelling something fishy so I played along).
Nichols: Thanks for the pront response the house is Vacant am am very ok with your charge so may I know the type of credit card processing merchant you use in charging cards so that the payment for the home inspection can be made to you in good time.
Me: Don’t worry. It will not be the one you stated above.
Nichols: I will contact my agent that will be meeting you for you to gain access into the property so may I know the type of credit card processing merchant you use in charging cards so that the payment for the home inspection can be made to you in good time.
Me: Merchant Services
Nichols: Very good So I will be making the payment to you now but I will be needing a little favoe form you concerning the agent fee? I want you to help me charge the total of 1800.00 for the agent that you will be meeting with you to gain access to the property so you can run all that through on my card and take care of her deposit when the funds hit your account…Let meknow if you can do that so I send you my card info in good time to charge the inspection fee as well as the agent fee which is balance after paying you $495.00.
Me. Great. I will do that (NOT) However, let me know when the agent will be at the house tomorrow as my partner and myself will be patrolling that area most of the day tomorrow. Give her my phone number and I will meet her there.
And then guess what? Her email now bounces back to me. It won’t even go through. My guess. After giving her “Agent” cash, she will stop payment on the credit card or it was stolen. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just thought I would share this with you all. Royal…

Looks to me like you need to spend a little more time on the NACHI forum .
This scam has been written about many times over the years .





Probably a dozen times in the last 2 months alone… :mad:

Royal everyone with common sense knows about this stuff for a long time .

It’s great that he is not a regular on the forum much but when he sees a scam he comes on the forum to alert his Nachi brothers. Thanks Royal.

That is a great perspective David.

Aside from this scam being posted a hundred times already, what pisses people off is that this same scam is posted 3 times on this very page right below his. You don’t even have to scroll down to see 2 of them.

What piss me off is that he comes here to warn others about this scam and some try to make him look like an idiot. Highly doubt he will do it again.

They don’t bother me David. Looks like they are bored anyway. Thanks for the words.

Yes they like to target new guys n gals, so it is good to keep this in the spot light.

X2, never seen a more judgmental group of folks in all my life.

THANK YOU for your service & continued efforts! :smiley:

Had the same scam yesterday, only problem is i am the building inspector in the city and i know all about the property they wanted inspected.:slight_smile: