Beware of Email scam.

Hi All ,

I just received ths is my e-mail through the NACHI mail server. It seems that the scam artist will try anything to rip people off and get to their money.
I’m pasting it below. I’m wondering has any body else received this through NACHI’S find an inspector page. I have received this type of fraud through snail mail. Beware. You would also think that they would use spell check.

Louis Agudo

A message has been sent to you via NACHI’s “Find an Inspector” page.



I am Mr. Paul Ibe an accountant with NIPPC , a senior member of its

contract award committee board and a key member of the Federal Contract

Award Committee to the NIPPC. I do have an urgent need for a trust

worthy foreign contact person with whom I can carry out a successful
business deal.

Four of our Refineries and one Liquefied Natural Gas Plant have been

bad all these years, and now the Present Elected Democratic Government

has voted the sum of US$1.86 Billion for the repairs and turn around

maintenance . In view of this, we have started awarding new contracts

to that fect.

As an incentive to do a good job and finished promptly, the Federal

Government makes 75% upfront payment to successful bidders. Looking at

what has been happening in Nigeria and other African Countries, every

wise businessman and Government Official is trying to push out any

money he can lay his hands on so that incase anything happens, they

will have something they can fall back on and be rest assured overseas

on retirement. Based on this, we wish to transfer US$85.050 for

disbursement that we have just secured access to push out. But because
we are citizen and still working civil servant, we cannot move this

money out ourselves.

Though we have made an attempt before which was an unsuccessful cash

movement of US$800 million that was disrupt at the Murtala Mohammed

International Airport On August 12, 1995 by the Nigerian Customs and

port Security Officials, hence we decide now to carry out this project

via TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER. At this point in time we therefore need an

honest, trustworthy and reliable assistance of a foreigner who will be

a kind and honest person to us and will not disappoint us at the end of
this transaction.

I want you to summit immediately your complete Company name and address

if you have one, your name as President or Managing Director / C.E.O of

the company, your Banking Particulars:- (Bank?s Name & Address,

Telephone, Fax and Telex numbers. Your Receiving Account Numbers, Swift
and Routing Numbers). With this information, I can get you properly

registered as one of the contractors to NIPPC who has already been

awarded this contract for the sum of US$113.4 million to supply,

install and service some of the REFINERIES PLANTS PARTS which documents

I already
have in my custody.

After receiving the above needed and stated information from you, I

will process all the documentation in your name through an attorney,

and summit them for immediate approvals, and the Federal Government

will pay 75% of the total sum of US$113.4M into your given account. In

time, the remaining of the US$28.35 Million shall be paid as balance

payment or we together in agreement as partners will use another

foreign firm?s name that will carry out the plants servicing

documentation as a sub-contractor to your company in our follow up

documentation to receive the balance payment. I shall come to your

Country immediately
this fund is in your account to share the US$85.05 million.

The sharing pattern is as follows:- We will give to you 25% of the

total sum, 5% will be set aside for all expenses incurred during the

transacting period and 70% will be for me and my colleague. However, be

rest assured that no risk is involved or any scandal in the future, for

we have done all our homework very well, nobody will be hunt or hurt

during and after this transaction. It may also please you to know that

all the GOODS that covers the 75% payment of this contract had earlier

been supplied by other contractors whose contract were cancelled half

way during the past Military Regime Of Gen. Sanni Abacha. No record of

this exists anywhere only the two of us that are key members of the

contract board committee has this knowledge and information so there is

the serious need to keep this transaction secret and very confidential.

To that effect, I would require your private phone and fax numbers for

easy and confidential

I await your immediate respond to this PROPOSAL.Meanwhile, I look

forward to establishing a life long business relationship with you.
Contact me view my private emailbox:

Best regards,
Mr. Paul Ibe

Thanks Paul these guy’s? continue to try many ways to get some money .
Roy sr

I’ll tell you what–send me the $28 million first, as a “good faith deposit” and then I’ll send you some bank account #s and Social Security #s. (Probably not mine, though).

I saw some guy that obviously didn’t know better at the library the other day trying to figure out how to get his “girlfriend” over here from Africa where she was suffering poverty and abuse. He was trying to figure out how he could get money over to her.


It’s actually another version of the scheme that is noted above. There was an expose’ on it on the news. It a bunch of young men in a foreign country on computers sending out these letters all the time and they actually hook people with them. Not everyone knows better, and they hook people who are perhaps challenged in one way or the other and take them for all they have.

It’s very sad…

Here is another twist(ed) version.

Sgt: Third (3rd) infantry Division US Military


Dear Friend

My name is Sgt stanley Livingstone. I am an American soldier, serving in the military with the Third (3rd) Infantry Division in Iraq. I and my superior after going on a rampage on Saddam Hussein`s palace in Baghdad discovered a substantial amount of money.

You may need to check out the following BBC website to confirm more of our

discovery which was made know to the government, but this particular one is a top secret:

This fund in question was moved to a secure place with the assistance of our contact person in UK (A private attorney of our UK military colleague); the total is $25,000, 000.00 (Twenty Five million US dollars).

Basically since we are working for the government we cannot keep these funds in our bank account. It is at this juncture that we decided to seek your assistance to keep this money for us in your account or an offshore account controlled by you.

There is no risk involved whatsoever. If you are interested I will send you the

full details. My job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us. Can I trust you?

To ensure confidentiality, when you receive this letter, kindly reply me via e-mail signifying your interest including your confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick

communication and also your contact details for identification

Respectfully submitted

Sgt. stanley Livingstone

Baghdad, Iraq

  • stanley livingstone

All of these emails go directly to one thing…greed. If someone is honest (as I know all NACHI inspectors are) there is not even the slightest temptation to participate in these. The subject almost always includes the email recipient being equally dishonest and trying to get something for nothing at the expense of others. The senders are relying on hitting at least a percentage of dishonest people. It must be working a lot more than we think or they would not keep doing it. Kind of poetic justice in one sense.

And it’s uncanny how they get these emails to you within minutes of registering an email address!

I think I can see why the people in Nigeria are so good at trying to get easy money it starts at the Politicians goes to the Police dept and on down the line .

By Davidson Iriekpen, 08.13.2006 To Favorites

]( This Article

]( Comment
Ribadu Threatens Corrupt Politicians
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) last Thursday sent shock waves into the hearts of corrupt politicians jostling for offices in the 2007 elections as it said it would soon publish names of past and present leaders who had looted the nation’s treasury and stashed away the ill-gotten wealth in foreign accounts.
Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, while speaking in Lagos at a lecture organised by the Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC), explained that the disclosure would enhance the commission’s campaign against corrupt politicians who were waiting in the wings to take power in 2007.
“Over $400 billion oil money has been stolen by bad leaders. We are going to trace the activities of past and present leaders and publish the names of those leaders who have laundered money, their accounts and the names of the banks where the money is being kept. We will also close the account of those politicians who have laundered money and converted it for their political ambitions. This will stop bad people from coming into power”, he threatened.
Obasanjo, Others to Get Pay Rise
The Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMFAC)last week gave an indication that the president, state governors and other public office holders may have their remunerations reviewed upward under a new structure in the works.
Chairman of the commission, Engineer Hamman Tukur said in Abuja last Thursday that the upward review was occasioned by prevailing social and economic factors in the country.
The percentage of increases in the proposed structure will be based on the revised Annual Basic Salary for the officers and will reflect increase in tariffs by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and NITEL as well as the change in the price of fuel. RMFAC is the body constitutionally charged with among others, the responsibility of fixing the remunerations of political office holders. The review is coming up five years after the commission effected a similar review. It has already dialogued with the state governments and chief executive officers of all the 774 local government councils. In the last review, the president’s annual salary was fixed at N1,505,882 while the vice president takes home N1,212,629.
Shake-up in the Police
Police Service Commission (PSC) last Wednesday announced a major shake-up in the police in which four Deputy Inspectors-General of Police (DIGs) were relieved of their jobs.
The commission under the leadership of Chief Simeon Okeke approved the promotion of five Assistant Inspectors-General of Police (AIGs) to the rank of DIG, while five other Commissioners of Police (CPs) were promoted to the rank of AIG.
The retired officers include Messrs Christopher Jimoh, Bello W. Labaran, Ahmed Abdulkadir and Musa B. Abdulkadir.
While Jimoh’s retirement takes effect this month, the other three will formally retire in November this year. The newly-appointed DIGs are Hamzat Ahmed, who is also billed to retire from the police in November, this year and has been notified of such by the supervisory commission.
Other elevated officers include Mr. Uba Ringim, Adebayo S. Adeoye, Abdulkarim M. Yusuf and Dieran Z. Dudari.
While Hamzat’s elevation took effect this month, all the other new DIGs will not wear their new rank until November, this year.
The five commissioners of Police appointed AIGs are Ivy Uche Okoronkwo, Sylvester Araba, Azubuko J. Udah, Ganiyu A. Dawodu and Mu’azu Idris Hadeijia. Like their other three DIGs, their appointments will take effect from November.

Roy Cooke

That’s sick.

They even are on the horse sale boards and other pet boards.

One was advertising a monkey but you had to send him the money to ship the monkey.