Beware Of Inspectors?

What is wrong with this picture ???
Don’t hire an inspector because “**we haven’t found any problems in any of the
homes **” ??? Oh my… :roll: Is this guy for real?

This building offical in Florida does not seem to like home inspectors. :roll:

see article below:

If their municipal inspectors are anything like the ones in my area…

What’s he smokin’ :shock:

Here is the Village’s song

Im shocked about this papaer posting this. I never caught it till now. Thanks County building official Bob Kegan for slamming my business and having me loose clients due to your words and actions .

They are just covering themselfs. We know that as a Inspector in the Villages for Years now they have there own rules and laws on building homes. They are the ones doing drive by inspections when the home is built. It is sad when we notice something wrong they do the blame game and say we are not certified. Another reason I can not wait till Aug 1, 2010. I will be State of Florida Certified.

This statement cracks me up:

On Feb 7th 2007 an F-3 tornado hit the Villages with wind speeds of 155-160mph

Code is at best a minimum build standard not a best practice standard, code also has no bearing on a homes deterioration from when it was built.



That is not only scary, but it seems to me that they could be held liable for this statement.