BEWARE OF ISN overriding your emails with porch stealing client info

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How did you find out about emails and phone calls being redirected?

After a threat to be sued, I send a copy of the client’s email to myself and open the links to check what they see on occasion now and this is supposed to have the realtor’s bio and report downloads. This is where they are going in the backdoor and putting the download button and removing my company contact. The only way to resolve this is to contact porch directly if your having this issue.

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James, I understand what you saying, and thank you for becoming part of the conversation. I just don’t like how they did this in a hidden misleading manner and only in the link that clients have to click to view reports and remove my contact information and the realtor’s bio in place of theirs. To everyone else to only way to correct this is to contact Porch directly to stop this from happening.

I should apologize for seeming to impugn the integrity of inspectors who get duped by these lead brokers, but they have been around for so long it is inconceivable to believe that folks are unaware of their presence or that they can still operate in the dark as they did when they were selling “recall checks”, “warranties”, and other gimmicks to harvest this data from home inspectors. These vendors have polluted the profession, in general, and this association, in particular, by exploiting what they laughingly called “hungry home inspectors” for many years.

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Yes but plenty of Inspectors have earned the free fart candle one such lead broker sells. :rofl:

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Wrong - The ONLY way to resolve it is to quit using them.

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It’s a tough balance since the same customers appreciate the easy process of signing paperwork, paying for our services and receiving reports. I definitely agree that anyone surprised by them stealing our data shouldn’t be as it’s the way of the world these days. I’ve largely not cared too much but the report of a customer coming after the inspector certainly got my attention. Seems we’d have a pretty good case against Porch/ISN if that got anywhere.

Michael, HIP only passes the data you send to ISN. Anything that occurs after that is based on your ISN settings.

I know you can opt out of the new app landing page on ISN though. Just reach out to them and ask to have it turned off.


Brett, ISN has been emailing all their users about this for weeks. They also put a popup on the ISN dashboard explaining the new feature. I’m not sure how you missed all that (people were even complaining about the popup on Facebook as it was annoying them to close it out) but it definitely wasn’t a secret. Email them and request to opt out and they’ll remove you.

As a side note, I don’t think anything changed in the emails. My understanding is that there’s a button on the report landing page to download the app. That allows clients to view their report on the app, submit information for a RecallChek, etc.

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Nothing changed other than the valuable first viewable portion of the email implying one must download the app to view their report. Come on Dominic… you’re the smartest tech guy in the industry and it’s not even close. I’d understand if you sit by and don’t comment but to say you don’t see this is disappointing.

Matt, I didn’t say the landing page didn’t change, in fact I said the opposite. Someone said they were modifying emails on their own. I was stating that as far as I’ve heard, that’s not true. I mentioned the landing page definitely was changed. They’re adding other options on landing page layouts based on inspector feedback that inspectors can choose from, or you can email them and they’ll just turn it off completely.

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Landing page, email page, whatever… Of course, this is all elementary to most of us that work with it everyday. But the reality is the move to force the Porch app on homebuyers and agents just looking for their report is a low-blow and reeks of data-mining and something 100% of us PAYING for ISN service are against.

I know you’re not the spokesperson for Porch/ISN and I don’t mean to drag you into that role. I just know you are part of the group and undoubtedly have some lines of communication with them. Implementing new procedures that 100% of existing clients are vehemently against is not a great way to gain new clients and is not a successful long term business model. Porch/ISN would be far better served to ask those of us paying them what they could do for us to better serve our clients rather than sneaking behind our backs for a quick buck.

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I get it. I pinged Jake Webb as he’s the one who can speak more on this. I’m not sure if he has an account here yet or not.


IMO anything to do with anykind kind of communication, app, link, whatever, between my clients and Porch, should be an OPT IN as opposed to an OPT OUT.


That is why I only use ISN for scheduling and emails, and never have run a report through them. I use the payment through Guardian, but that is all.

Many of us were with ISN long before Porch bought it.

So no, just giving info to ISN is NOT the same as giving it to Porch.

I disabled Porch ages ago and I don’t have this problem (just checked to see). I use ISN for billing, scheduling and reports and have it linked to HIP. Zero issues. Methinks it’s a config thing

Just had this roll across my Facebook page… Looks like this is gaining some traction. Wonder if Porch knows/cares?

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I think it is.

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