Your Online PayPal Password was blocked on 20/07/2008

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Don’t fall for it!

Thanks for the heads-up Ken

Because of the many hacks and spams and phishs from PayPal, i refuse to use it.

Makes life much easier.

Hope this helps;

Pay Pal is great. I’ve had account for years

PayPal spoofs and phish are not that hard to spot. Learn how if you don;t know. There are tutorials at PayPal
As with with all things web. Be careful out there.

The first thing to remember about paypal is they will never send you an email requesting any of your personal information. If you get an email talking about needing to update or change your account you can take it to the bank that is a phishing email. Never even open the links in those emails and just report them using the spoof feature. Within minutes you will get an email saying whether or not it is from them. So far it never has been, always a fake.

It’s very easy, never click a link directly to your bank, paypal, etc. Just go directly to their website. Problem solved.