Bi-Weekly Articles - Submit Topics

Hello Everyone,

 I have agreed to write a bi-weekly article for InterNachi. The article will of course be related to electrical topics. If you have something that you feel needs to be explained as to the reason why and where something electrical applies please feel free to let me know and it may become a topic for one of my articles.

 While doing the video out in Colorado I felt that when dealing with electrical topics, you simply can't cover everything you would like for each specific persons needs for education so in the process I asked Nick if we could do an "Ask the Electrical Guru" article based project and he said sounds great.

So the articles are NOT going to be articles that confuse people, I am NOT going to venture into explaining triplen harmonics and they will focus on the everyday questions we seem to get over and over again regarding electrical issues. What I find interesting is that many people ask questions on sizing panels when dealing with fuses or circuit breakers and to be honest it should be the easiest thing you do as a home inspector. Simply apply the weakest link theory and if in the end you can't tell state it as such....never guess and even with fuse panels you look at the labels, wire sizes and never just add up all the use what you have to determine the size and if you state " Unable to Determine", " Recomment evaluation from a licensed electrical contractor" and move on.

So with that said, please feel free to suggest articles you think will enhance your understanding of electrical issues, please keep them direct and on the point and send them to be care of

I look forward to building a nice database of articles with answers you can understand and use for future references.

Thanks Paul,
can’t wait for the first one!