Biceptacle electrical outlet

Something different alright.
Posted on Mike Holt’s news letter.

Mike’s newletter members get a discount to buy them. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike.

That’s cool I have a power strip that is like that.

Sure would make furniture arranging easier with table lamps.

Great idea though it needs a larger box and will not fit in as a replacement for a standard single outlet I imagine .

You got that right Jim.
Gives you a duplex switched or a duplex hot. Or one of each. :slight_smile:

They fit in the same box Bob. :slight_smile:

There are pretty cool and probably best suited for new construction.
Not an easy upgrade on a slab foundation and on the exterior wall, raised foundation different story. Since each outlet requires constant hot sockets like a typical outlet it would also need a switched hot. Depending on outlet to switch location it can be quite a task

An easy work around
Get the Clapper :smiley:
Clap – On
Clap - Off

Then right on.:slight_smile:

I like the new outlets with the USB receptacles for charging devices
They will definitely go into the house I am remolding.

stock in xanax is a good bet once these catch on
wire mokeys that p up a rope whenever the ground up/down debate starts will be melting down like Ding Dong from Oz