Bid Day questions

Hello All,
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Has anyone here ever dealt with Bid Day?
If yes, what kind of experience did you have with them?
Is it worth it?


It appears to be a New start-up company with many demands and rules with no proven benefits as of yet, just promises of future work. Be careful.

Read this post Kevin if you haven’t already.

Thanks Guys,

I think I will pass on Bid Day sweet offer.:roll:

This explanation sounds a lot like a HI org.that claims to be the largest in the world.

No benefits, just pie in the sky promises, any worthwhile benefits provided are same as any inspector can get elsewhere.
Send me your money and I’ll make you rich with my latest untried scheme.

Why be so hard on someone else that is using the same methods that are already proven to get more of your $s:roll:

Little ole me, :wink:
I would get concerned when this person makes it a requirement for anybody that uses his program are required to give them equal advertising on their web site, when the inspector is already a member of another org.

Crazy thing Dan…he posted what a ASHI inspector asked him to do for him so he could put the money he makes (the ASHI inspector) in a different bank account when he gets the inspections…:shock: :shock: :shock:

Goes to show how crazy this world really is huh?..:shock:

Crazy is mild.:roll:
Guess thats why the people that starts bogus mail order company’s, sells bogus certificiations , are the ones that gets rich, the followers that buys this BS, are the ones that fail ,and go broke trying .
You would think that someday everbody would figure out there are no get rich schemes, the proven way to succed is honesty and hard work.

So Dan, have you ever studied English at, lets say, the primary school level?:roll:

Guess thats why the people that …sells bogus certificiations … quote]
Edited by myself to ask for a clarification.
I am not a member of I-Nachi, I was for 2 years though and I have been coming here for 5 years.
Over the years, I have followed your post’s with interest and sometimes laughter. You seem to be passionate about your work and your affiliations. From your post’s, I surmise that you are not against the members here (most of them) but rather agaist Nick and his practices. That’s all well and good, that’s your right.
Many of your post’s deal with the same subject, that being “bogus certifications”. My question deals with that subject only.
What certification are you talking about? Obviously not CMI, because you started this way before CMI came to the fore.
Are you meaning/saying that Nick and/or Nachi certifies inspectors?
Time for a wake-up call Dan. Nick and/or Nachi does not certify inspectors. That little certificate you get in the mail does not certify anybody. I believe you were a member here for a time; do you still have the certificate? Read it carefully. All it does is certify that you are a member of Nachi, nothing else.
Unfortuneately, many newbies and some with questionable morals and/or ethics use that paper as something it is not. Anyone who thinks they are certified, with that piece of paper, are perhaps “certifiable”.

Anyone who thinks they are certified, with that piece of paper, are perhaps “certifiable”.

Why pay a little more for a InterNACHI certified inspector? ](


Why pay a little more for a InterNACHI certified inspector?
Marketing Dan, nothing else.


Means nothing Dan.

Show me something that actually says that Nick and/or Nachi certifies an inspector.
You have called Nick’s antics as smoke and mirrors,or spin; apply that same thinking to what you read here regarding the term “certified” and you willsee nothing but “spin”.
Nick is the ultimate marketer, everything is spin to him.
You’re up](“”)

Many agents blacklist associates and candidates. If you are a member you may call yourself a “Certified Member” or a "Certified Home Inspector

Wrong Dan, Nachi is not new, has many benefits already being used, and I have already gotten a lot of work because of them. BIG DIFFERENCE!