Anyone have a line on this BIDDAY auction idea posted by Lorne Steiner of InspectVue? $200 up front, without knowing if they have actual work.

I saw this also Kenton, very interesting. I have no idea if it works or not.

Nothing posted for auction in my area . . .

You guys?

Hold off for a few days. We’re in negotiations with them on a deal for members. Let me see what’s up.

If you are a home inspector or termite inspector and looking for opportunities to increase your revenue and income, register now to become a BidDay property inspector.

BidDay will be working hard with the banks and lenders nationwide to make thousands of properties available for inspection per month. If your state requires licensing for home or termite inspections, you must be properly licensed in order to become a Preferred BidDay Inspector.

How many times have I heard that.

Nothing in Arizona

Eddie, called me and explained he is doing his best to get inspections for properties throughout the US.

They wrote up an agreement for us last week but I didn’t much like parts of it, and so didn’t sign it. They are supposed to counter with a simple press release of some sort. I’ll stay on it.

I’ll save you $171 with this start-up site

Hey look you can be first in almost any category

Hold off. I’m creating a website for inspectors. They can sign up for $75/year and I’ll send them work. That’s a super deal!


You just can not do that!! You have to use the model from Jay Vincent and make sure your Inspectors have a full background check on them!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You have got to be kidding!!! From the Q&A page:

We have to research who the utility companies are and enter the information in the job profile? How is that going to ensure that the utilities are on? Only the owner or owner’s agent can have the utilities turned on. Banks that repo homes generally are selling them “As Is” and don’t really care about having utilities turned on. That function is left to the listing agent who may or may not be absorbing those connect, de-winterization fees, etc.

GET REAL!! I am going to pay $XXX to have a pissed off client rank me bad and then BidDay is going to make this all public and potentially ban me from their operation?? What a good way to trash a good Inspectors reputation because a client held unrealistic expectations and now has an avenue to “GET EVEN”!!

The price for an inspection, ANY INSPECTION EVEN A 5000 Sq Ft Home, is set at $240 and $50 for the video. How many of you are stupid enough to lock yourself into one of these inspections and pass up other high paying inspections that come up for this paultry amount they are paying???

WTF!!! After three days you are going to have the inspection taken away from you and given to another Inspector. In addition until they get around to doing that they are going to charge you $50 a day???

WOW!! You get to pay big bucks for 5 zip codes of coverage!! WHAT A DEAL!!! And when you go to renew there is no guarentee you will get those for the second year. Stop and think about this people!! You will be paying big money for the possibility only of inspections in those 5 zip codes!! Pick your zip codes well and hope that the market in those five zip codes is very active every year or YOU LOSE!!!

For such a paultry sum of money for the inspection, is BidDay ready to assume all liability for Errors and Ommissions???

So if you sign up for a job and it takes BidDay two days to have the utilities turned on are they going to start your three day clock after the utilities are turned on?? Or are you going to start collecting your $50/Day fine starting from Day 1 of accepting the job???

I have never heard of BidDay. Has anyone else?? Has anyone heard of any of these auctions???

Pick your video camera wisely as you may be written up for bad video’s and get your name on the naughty list!!!

Approved software:

Inspector FX

Gee, I knew there was a catch!! Now what are the chances they will have your software package approved “After June 1, 2008”???

Don’t waste your time and money with this??? This group of potential clients are almost the easiest to get to. You can certainly do it yourself.


**Legal issues / Law Suits / Insurance

Will my Insurance be affected?.

  • Working with BidDay will not invalidate your Insurance Policy. The end buyer is not your client, BidDay’s your client.

Can I be sued for an inspection that is not accurate?

  • Since BidDay is your client, our agreement states that inspectors will not be sued for inaccurate or conflicting reporting when compared to the current property condition.


WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! These types of inspections have the least amount of legal liability to begin with!!!

This offering is innapropriately named. It should not be called BidDay id should actually be called BIDET!!! It certainly smells like it and you are definitely going to get your A$$ wiped with it!!

I have not posted this strongly in quite some time. But this is absolutely one that takes even me over the edge. I hear many of you lamenting about the $99 Inspector, about how inspection prices are going down the tubes and you can’t afford to hang on any longer. Why do you think that is??? It is because there are a lot of very desperate Inspectors out there who are so afraid at failing in this business that they gladly and hungrily latch onto these types of BS schemes.

You can be your own worst enemy by supporting this type of trash!!! And what’s more is our own association leadership is actually working with this type of trash to further harm your future!!!


What is happening here? Our association should be weeding out these schemes and assist us (the members of NACHI) with Quality, Value-Added, real life, true to the profession support. We are bombairded daily with crap like this. I believe most of the vendors that associate/partner with NACHI are sincere and provide a real value to HI’s. However, as stated in other post for this thread we are (or some HI’s) are willing to blindly go down the path of following the smartest snake oil salesman. The Pied Piper will surely lead HI and NACHI down the path of distruction.

Are you really ready to say ‘my service isn’t worth much’. I better take the scrapes and dropings left over or I wont be able to make a living. Hay! I’ll do the job for $150 even if it takes an hour to get to the job, 3 - 4 hours to inspect and another 2 -3 hours to write the report, 1/2 to 1 hour to review the report (or longer). Now remember these old (or new homes) may be vacant for some time, maybe winterized, utilities may or may not be on, I have a supre key, insurance, the builder went out of business, the list goes on and on. Can I make a living off this? If this is what it’s comming to then I will be one of those who will be leaving the business. Over the years I have read alot of very informative responses from HI’s and some very funny ones too. I think now its time to get real serious with what our industry (and I’m talking about the Home Inspector) is willing to charge to make a living.

I’ve seen polls about what other home inspectors are charging and in most cases it varies greatly. Why is this? When you buy a product from the store, lets say its a phone, computer or TV. You can go from store to store and in most cases the price will be very close for the same make and model. Why is this not true for the inspection business. Don’t we offer a product to our customer that has value - real long term value. A phone usually last 2 - 3 years, maybe longer if you don’t keep up with technology. A computer is out of date 6 months after you buy it. A TV, well look at the new technology coming out now - I got to have the latest and greatest. Let see, my inspection pointed out that the roof was in need of repair (the roof replacement cost was $3900 or more). Various issues with the HVAC resulted in the coil being replaced (cost $2000 or more). Duct issues, landscapeing issues, plumbing issues, issues with appliances and the list goes on and on. Just how much did you save your client? What Value did the client receive when the realtor negotiated the final price for the client? Dont sell yourself short! We add more value than the realtor does. Think of what you are getting for your inspection fee vs. the realtor fee. Remember the sell is paying up to 6% (maybe a little more or less) of the selling price.

I apologize in advance if I stepped on any ones toes on this subject. It just bothers me to think there are HI’s cutting OUR throats with low balling. Remember, the older the home, the longer it takes. Winterized homes take longer. All of these conditions require additional time reporting deficiencies.

Just thought I’d add my 2 cents (oh excuse me that will be $300.00)

Bidet inspections?



You just can not do that!! You have to use the model from Jay Vincent and make sure your Inspectors have a full background check on them!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


No no, it’s OK Emmanuel. Joe’s going to get us work picking corn. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:](“”)


Oh! Well I am sure he has business secrets to protect and should still have background checks. After all, the walls may have “Ears” (of corn)!!
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Seems that BidDay has sent out a marketing letter to NACHI members (see below).

I can see these are going to be real high quality inspections!! :roll: :roll: :roll: Check out the number of inspections done in one day in “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BID DAY INSPECTOR”. That’s a real good days take $1160 - $2030 a day! WOW!! I wonder if that is even with all 3500 SQ. Ft. homes???



We have to pay an up-front fee, of course, and we fined $50 per kernal for any eaten by pheasants before we get it picked.

So who here is going to be the first to bite with Bidday or is that “bidet”.

How can places like this expect inspectors to take them seriously when they don’t have much of an inventory. I searched for a 250 mile radius around Atlanta and nothing came up.

Places like this are a waste of money. After Jan 08 they want $495 a year, don’t think so.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]

New Image Software is a Preferred Software Vendor for the BidDay Online Real Estate Auction System.

BidDay Online Real Estate Auction Service Products **IFX 8 GHI + Order Entry](
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Seems kind of high!