Biden and McCain need to drop out of the race. It would help both parties.

Obama could then take Hillary for VP (this scenario might actualy happen).

Palin could take Ron Paul for VP.

I like it.

I like it Nick.

Panama Red is back in town? :smiley:

Obama has passionate supporters.
Hillary has them.
Palin has them.
Ron Paul has them.

I don’t know of anyone who feels passionately about McCain or Biden. Biden never got more than 1% of the vote in his presidential runs, I have no clue as to how he got on the ticket past Hillary… Michelle must not like her.

Anyway, if it were Obama/Clinton vs. Palin/Paul we’d have a really great race.

If by chance McCain/Palin wins, 2012 will be fun… Palin Vs Clinton :slight_smile:

Hardly, If Obama should win, Hillary will most likely be a member of the Supreme Court and live out her days as Chief Justice.

Joey, Joey Joey Joey.

Chief justice John Roberts(age 53) would have to die or resign first.:roll: