Biden-Palin Debate

This was the best statement of the debate, speaks volumes of the Obama administration

Barack Obama indicated to me he wanted me with him to help him govern. So every major decision he’ll be making, I’ll be sitting in the room to give my best advice.

Senator Joe Biden

You betcha!!!

Here is how Joe described the debate in an email.

Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy to know that Biden will be giving Barack his best advice should they win?

When is the last time he was right about something BTW?

How many votes did he get in the Democrats primaries?

Let’s hope he remembers his Alzheimer’s disease meds before doing so

Sounds like the 2-Mikeys are a bit worried, your guy still has two debates to redeem himself but if he blows next Tuesday it is most likely over, thing is though Obama appears to be daily pulling away in the polls.

Whatever the McCain camp is doing right now does not appear to be working, better start dishing the dirt if you guys don’t want to get deluged by the Obama/Biden Tsunami. :smiley:

That statement proves that Nobama is NOT ready (if he ever would be) to lead this country… I thought Palin did a great job… Biden was not bad but the Governor came out on top…

What, me worry Joey?

Palin clearly won last night by holding her own against the gaffe prone fact bending Biden.

McCain could have wrapped up this election by voting against the bailout bill and simply stating that he voted no because of the pork contained in it. He would have enshrined his maverick status and demonstrated his ability to use his veto pen as president. A total lost opportunity IMHO.

Why he chose to support with his vote when his voted wasn’t needed is beyond me.

There is either something they are not telling us or he’s just another politician. :frowning:

It speaks very poorly for the VPILF when “victory” is defined as merely “holding her own”, but I won’t argue with you.

After a whole week of “You betchas” and having her lunch eaten by the likes of the impish Katie Couric, anything short of a total meltdown had to come as a relief to those with no choice but to support her.

With all the hype over Biden’s debate prowess and the low expectations set for Palin that’s all she had to do to “win”.
She did considerably better than that.
Get over it.:frowning:

Not everyone in Washington should sound like a East Coast Liberal.

She relates well to most of the country and that drives the “elite” MSM nuts.

I’m not worried one bit. It’s no secret the media is steering this election in a direction that could put a junior senator with a 172 days of experience in office. Should this become reality, I predict that in addition to being known as the first black president, Obama will also hold the honor of worst president ever elected since this country was founded.

Her approval rating has been plummeting in the last two weeks among women and evangelicals. Republicans calling themselves “conservative” have been declaring her unfit for the vice presidency.

Where do you come up with this stuff, Mike?

I realize you are as stuck with her as you are McCain. Unlike me, you robotically support the party that has abandoned you. They are counting on that on November 4 and you will certainly oblige…but, jeez. You are not obligated to repeat the mantra here…It’s okay. No one will snitch on you.

Should Obama manage to get elected he will be so beholden to those that pushed him into office that there will be numerous players holding the strings to control the empty suit.

He is a totally unserious candidate and it says more about the bankruptcy of leadership in the Democratic party than anything else.

This debate wasn’t lost or won based on anything verbal between the two. It was simply won on nonverbal communication. And the winner was clearly Sarah Palin. She definitely held her own in this debate and (if elected) she is going to be one hot VP.

And should McCain get elected…he will have no party in Congress backing him. He is an Independent…a maverick, remember? Will four years of gridlock at a time of war and economic disaster help anyone?

No robots here James.

She is was she is. Honest, gutsy, moral, reformer and conservative.

That seems to bother you as much as it does the feminists and other liberals.

Why shouldn’t I support her candidacy?

She better that the #1 spot on the ticket and several orders of magnitude above the the opposing party’s also rans.

Please don’t be duped into thinking the dems really back Obama. the dems are backing there party, plain and simple

He won’t have any trouble over the war.

As for the rest, “gridlock” in Washington is usually a god thing.:smiley:

Although a McCain presidency is too much of a longshot, at this point, to seriously consider…I would see it as a duplication of a “Jimmy Carter” era.

Obama is far more likely to be a second Carter.

Same party.
Same politics
Same liberal government is the solution and do gooder mentality
Even less leadership experience
Even less foreign policy experience