Biden: "The world will TEST Obama"

Joe Biden:
"It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama

At least Joe Biden knows our enemies have no respect for boy Obama.
Watch and see.

You must be old if 47 is a boy.

I guess he would be old to McCain thats for sure.

John …
Thanks for reminding us how if old Man McCain came in , he would have no problem starting a Nuke race, with so little time left on earth to invest in.

Yet another reason to vote for Obama. (thanks )

Where is all of the peace and respect, the worldis supposed to show us, if we git rid of Bush. So the world is going to test us like it did JFK? I guess that means another Cuban Missile Crisis! His own running mate is throwing flags, and still, the ignorant ignore it! Amazing, absolutely amazing! All Hail Comrade Obama!

Its not just Biden thinking it:

Good post Peter.