Biden's shooting down science projects!

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As the world watches on…

I worked in Alaska where we monitored NORAD, Civil Defense, Tsunami, Earthquake, AWACS communications, after hours at Kulas ANG Base where loaded and ready to go aircraft were on standby 24/7. I could pick up a phone and talk to anyone directly, anywhere, any time. This admin is a total cluster! Everything, everyone has briefed us on is total BS.

All protocol that has been in place 30 yrs ago when I was there was totally ignored, like everything else they do. How’s that air doing in Ohio?! No climate change issues here. Just light it up! We have earthquakes to address in Turkey!


Do people still watch Fox?

Worse yet, do people care what spineless Cruz(chev) has to say?


Weren’t they the ones that started reporting on this in the first place? They made such a firestorm, the administration started shooting several “unidentified objects” here and in Canada.

What was your point again?

I don’t get a hard on over any politician politicking, but as a former Special Agent for the DOD, I don’t take any of this BS lightly.

David Range; I recommend you pocket your opinion and pay attention to the facts, if you can find any. In this case, there are no reliable facts. You know this is all a distraction, don’t you?

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Intelligent people do and unfortunately that leaves you out of that group. :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately he has been brainwashed to badly to see reality.


Wicked burns. You are as quick as ever.

The real problem is that Biden weaponized the U.S. dollar. The world is now forced to make their own reserve currency and ICBMs that can reach the U.S.

You think balloons are an issue? Wait till the world dumps their dollars and inflation goes through the roof. Holding dollars used to be holding assets. Now they are liabilities because Biden showed the world that the U.S. will use the world’s reserve currency against any country it has a conflict with.



You would think that any “hobbyist” or private party that release a balloon that can reach altitudes of 40,000 ft. , should have to file something with any appropriate governing bodies that regulates that airspace. Jeez, look at the hoops we have to jump through to get a FAA drone license to fly 60 ft. up to take pictures of a roof.


You would think, huh? No citizens ever break any rules. All obscure laws are so obviously needed that the entire kingdom is aware of them. All government entities at the local, state, and federal levels are in constant communication with each other. I’m baffled, how could this possibly happen? We have the most diversely incompetent government in the history of the country. I know Pete Buttigieg is right on it. No transportation escapes his scrutiny.

Your answer is with Bob’s response.

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Riddle me this.

The PentaGram has spent countless dollars on airborne and ground based lasers that can burn through a missile while in motion…they are proven.

So rather than poke a small -med hole in the balloon from a laser….in which the balloon would have slowly descended, possibly allowing it to be hooked by helicopter, once within helicopter range, and we could have possibly salvaged everything……

We are to believe….That we had to hit balloons with $400k missiles that are meant to destroy their targets completely (4 objects with 1 miss = approx $1.6million to pop ballons at the clown show🤡 , at 40-60k ft in the air, allowing them to freefall and smack into the ocean and break into even more unsalvageable pieces in areas they can easily say “we cannot recover them……”

Is this really the best method of “how we can recover the wreckage and get to the bottom of this”

As previously said…what a great distraction from the Nord stream shitshow and the ticket price we are going to have to pay

Here in certain parts of GA, we have a " US Representative" that thought “Jewish Space Lasers” were the reason for the Cali wildfires. We should have used those for the balloons too. Right? :thinking:

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The FAA is requiring Remote ID on drones. Maybe these objects need to have a transponder sending out who they belong to and what they are doing. If there is no response it is fair game.


DJI drones supposedly relay info back to China. Now back to balloons being laser beamed down…

First they complain about not shooting down balloons fast enough.
They they complain about shooting too fast.

Seems the common thread is clear: complaining.


ADS-B will show your flight path and elevation supposedly like what you already see on Flightradar24…. I have yet to see drones on there….

This plane has the ADS-B listed with incorrect photo….

Damn straight I watch Fox. Where else can an inquiring person find anything approaching the truth? It sure won’t be the dominant establishment liberal media.


Do you believe in alternative facts too?

What about Tucker saying his show can’t be taken seriously while trying to avoid being sued?