Biden's shooting down science projects!

Nice try. I don’t pay attention to Carlson or Hannity. They are commentators. I watch Bret Baier, Howard Kurtz, Brit Humes. I could, if I had the time and interest, load this thread with the nonsense found on your sources of media, oh like the latest from Don Lemon. Do you think Lemon has facts that aren’t alternative? Google it.


Why wasn’t the first Balloon shot down with a few rounds from the 20mm cannon that are Standard Equipment on all F22 models? …Maybe at, I don’t know…$15 dollars a round… not a $400,000 missile that obliterated the business end of the contraption… Would have came down easy and controlled. Would have been able to study exactly what it was and for what purpose…The whole narrative is another big lie from our Government.
Balloon hank and kahn


F22’s service ceiling is around 60,000 feet, same as the balloon at 58,000.
The need for the missile was never clearly articulated by the Pentagon.

Yeah, like the lamestream media would never reveal this about catalytic converters in cars:

“The reason everyone is stealing catalytic converters all across America,” she says, “is because under Biden’s watch then gas is so expensive everyone needs the part that makes cars run more efficiently.”

Natalie Brunell is a Polish-American media personality, investigative journalist, podcast host and educator. She hosts the Coin Stories podcast, featuring the leading voices in Bitcoin and economics.

Hopefully she has 3 or 4 converters lined up on her exhaust pipe, just like her guest.

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That is so sad. Just goes to show you don’t need to know shit about shit as long as you look good on camera, lol.

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