BIG NEWS! Nearly a million Home Head Start Guides going out to promote members.

All of the coupons are expired in the PDF file you link to.

I’ll have the actual Guides by next week and will make a page displaying.

I like it all with the exception of the Service Master Companies. They also own Ameri-spec and Terminix which are in direct competition with many of the inspectors who will be distributing these materials. I can’t help the parent company of one of my major competitors, it’s not in my best interest…


I want to thank you and Inter-NACHI for sending me these marketing packages. I just received mine today and I will be inserting these into every report I hand out. I plan on giving these to my Buyer’s Agent as well.

Again, thanks for such a great (FREE) marketing package.

I got mine today, and none to soon. I was just about out of the old ones from the last batch. The clients and Realtors really love these.

How do we get them?

4 cases today (first time receiving). They look great.

A case made it to Idaho!