Big rocks under home

I was inspecting a home that was built in 1929 yesterday. This was the first time I have ever seen pretty big rocks under the home in the crawl space. Has anyone seen this before?

Yes one area has many like yours .
.Seems OK to me 90 years no movement .
Wrote it up and carried on .

Kinda hard to view your photo, but yeah about 50% of the homes I inspect are built like that. I always note that it was typical of construction in that era to use whatever was available to hold up the home. If there isn’t any movement visible from the inside/outside, I note such and say something to the effect of “after 90 years, although not a typical way to support a home today, the construction of that era seems to be holding. I would suggest watching for signs of movement, such as doors that don’t close, cracks forming on walls/ceilings, floors sloping, etc. Having found none of those visible in today’s inspection, I would not expect to find any in the next 90 years, baring an earthquake or other unforeseable event.”

here is a unusual foundation the only one I ever saw 6 feet above the river and 40 feet from the river No sign of there ever was much dampness in the crawl space .very old cottage 50 ++ years or more .
Yes they are logs mortared in place .

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Where are you from?

Probably not Little Rock… :wink: