Big Thank you to Nick Gromicko

The man did as promised and paid for my flight.
He is always doing nice things for Inspectors and it is hard to imagine another association giving such value to memberships or providing such great educational benefits.

On the down side he did notate the check as being for weed and the DEA will most likely be looking for me. Ha ha.

That’s great.

He is a great guy and the $500 a year is nothing compared to what we get.

Nick’s generosity always amazes me.

He is a GREAT guy.

That is something special that people will remember long after he is gone :slight_smile:

LOL. I really did write “weed” in the memo of his check.

haha :mrgreen:, Nick your generosity is greatly appreciated. I am proud to be part of this wonderful association.

Thank you Nick. I had a great time.

Well, of course you did. That would make it a “medical” deduction.

Do you have any more weed Bob?

I was going to talk to Bob after Dom’s lunch and learn but I think his dealer (and I don’t mean card dealer) called him because he left in a hurry, half way through the class.:smiley:

John did you run out again ?

I noticed that he ran out half way too!

Unless I am the one doing the talking get distracted by noises and shiny things.

When I stay anywhere have too many questions and prefer to keep attention on the speaker plus I had a few clients call at that time .

Wish I knew everyone by sight as after the classes there was not lots of real social activity and would love to see the faces behind the posts here.

Was hoping to see something about guys getting together for zip lines or hitting the town and if it was not last minute for me defiantly would have made a big effort to search out everyone.

Heck spent all Thursday just driving around to kill time as my flight did not leave till 11:35 pm .

Hope to meet you next time Dave as I will plan ahead and get you guys to do something.

Nick, when is the next one for Toronto?